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Bringing the world of fishing to us.........

I can't get over how easy it is these days to switch on one's computer and get almost instant access to a whole world of fishing - whether that be these online fishing magazines and websites, blogs, various video and film clips, or the various forums that many of us post on etc. I don't know about you guys and girls, but I just love to see fishing made to look good, and quite frankly I don't really care whether I am ever going to do it or not. How can any angler not have at least some kind of passing interest in what other people fish for in other parts of the world ?

Check out the new issue of the online Catch magazine here - I really hope that the guys involved in this are actually making a bit of money out of it, because they deserve to. This online publication is pure class, and I love seeing so many different photographers and photography styles within the "pages". The fact that the magazine is about fly fishing and not say "conventional" saltwater or freshwater fishing is by the by. It's just an awesome online mag about fishing.

I have recently come across a fairly new online fishing magazine called "The Contemporary Sportsman" (check here, it's free !!). It is really worth taking a bit of time to read and absorb this one because it's pretty special. Lots of good photos of fishing and shooting, plus some really strong writing. I don't own an iPad myself, but I see that this online publication is available on it. The future ?

I am not completely sure where this online magazine comes from, but it looks pretty cool - check out "Flymage" here. There is some very cool stuff in there by a fishing photographer whose edgy/different work I really like - Nicola Zingarelli. Look on (virtual) page 24 onwards in "Flymage" for Nicola's work, and I am really pleased that we have got some of his work appearing in Adventure Fishing from the next issue. Amongst other things, Nicola runs the very busy Caranx.net website (check here), plus there is a link to his photography blog on the right hand side of this page.

There is also the online magazine "Ten & Two" that you can find here. I have not really had a chance to look through this one properly, but once again it illustrates just how much the extraordinary and stunning world of fishing is increasingly open to us to at least see and read about. I know that I travel for my work, and I have probably seen fishing and places that most people will never see, but that does not change the fact that I simply can't abide any kind of "I don't do it so it doesn't interest me" kind of narrow-minded attitude. How can we not be interested in this incredible world of ours ? Surely there are non- European anglers out there who must be looking at "our" (sea) bass fishing for example and thinking "wow, that looks awesome". They might never come and fish for them, but we can all dream a bit.........where's the harm in that ?