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Can fishing look much better than this spectacular short film?

Holy cow when it’s done right, fishing looks frigging awesome. Check out this short film on one of the most special places in the world that I have ever been lucky enough to visit a few times as a photographer, the ultra remote Cosmoledo atoll in the wilds of the Indian Ocean. Made by the US company Yeti (coolers) and involving a few of the lads I have worked with in this saltwater fly fishing paradise, I don’t see how any angler into any kind of fishing can’t get something out of this short film that causes the heart to race. Surely dreaming is an important part of fishing? And yes, I will always wonder how good bass fishing in somewhere as stunning as say Kerry could be made to look with this kind of time, budget, skill and energy……..

The first time I glimpsed the mighty Cosmoledo atoll. 

The first time I glimpsed the mighty Cosmoledo atoll.