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Can you believe what we have to put up with from some of our clients?

This is an email I received from one of our clients the other day! Absolute bloody class…….

“Dear Mr. Gilbey - Whilst I am undoubtedly already overexcited about the forthcoming trip to Thatched Cottage in October for the excellent fishing tutorage, hospitality and camaraderie offered by John, Lynn and your good self, regretfully I have to raise with you a matter which is causing me much unease and distress about this particular trip….. your recently acquired French Pope-mobil like ‘vehicle’.

Upon brief research of various social media, including your very own blog, I don’t believe I am the sole incumbent of this feeling of disgust and revulsion at the sight of the %%$£@&* (French!) manufactured abomination you appear to find it acceptable to transport your paid up clients around the Kerry coastline. I note the undercurrent of ridicule that appears to be prevalent across many of these social media streams. Indeed, a recent contributor to your blog who refers to himself simply as ‘Joe’ comments “Am I really going to have to get in that ugly thing in October?”.  He is obviously too embarrassed to reveal his surname because he too is going to have to suffer the shame and indignity of being chauffeured around in this Citrus Berlusconi monstrosity (or whatever it’s called) which I am quite frankly flabbergasted you deem acceptable. I can only hope you are providing passengers with paper bags to cover their faces as they travel between destinations?

However, I do not wish to be perceived as a negative pariah towards this heap of French poo on wheels you are driving, and worryingly photographing with an unjustified amount of love and affection. Indeed, with this in mind, I am offering you a solution which I believe will satisfy future clients, save you from further social media ridicule and importantly save John and Lynn from any further agonising embarrassment when you rock up at Thatched Cottage. If you would kindly refer to the below picture I am offering you a suggested ‘paint job’ that I believe all clients, and indeed the angling community, would find acceptable for a man held in your esteem in the industry.

I believe it would somewhat hide the vehicle’s true origins and it could be easily rebranded as a ‘Berlinkomomo’ with minimal eyebrows being raised – in fact, I am sure it would be positively welcomed. Please note the lure inspired roof rod tube offered as a sensible ‘option’ for this customised vehicle. Your comments on this matter would be truly appreciated and I hope you can complete the suggested remedial action for all your client’s benefit before your October trip to Thatched Cottage. Yours sincerely…………”

Have a good weekend!