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Can you estimate the weight of a fish from a photograph?

I had no idea that me choosing to estimate the weight of Steve's double figure bass from the other day would generate so much "interest" for want of a better word, but if there is one thing it has confirmed if you like is the perennial question - can you estimate the weight of a fish from a photograph? Knowing a bit about photography and what happens with various lenses and angles when you shoot stuff, I thought it might be interesting to put a few fish up here that were actually weighed, and then see if you lot can get anywhere close with estimating their weights based on what you see in the photos. If you are up for this, please leave your best guesses in the comments section via the photo numbers, and if it generates a bit of feedback then I will come back sometime soon with the actual weights and see how close some of you might have got.............

And in case you were wondering, it's my view that guessing the weight of a fish from a photograph is pretty much impossible when a photographer is shooting with different lenses, f-stops, angles, etc. Photography is not meant to be an exact record of real life, in that the photographer is putting their creative slant upon the world. Yes, I sometimes choose to shoot grip and grins with as much impact as I can, and if that revolves around putting fish right into wide-angle lenses to get that impact, then so be it. Photography is a creative medium at the end of the day. Please take this in the spirit it is intended - as a bit of fun. Many years ago I suppose I was really into wanting to know the weights of the fish I caught, but more so these days I don't really give a stuff. I'll weigh a fish if I have the means, but if I don't? Who cares, it's fishing and we love it.

Photo 1 - A golden dorado. Awesome species, but this one was not in great condition.

Photo 2 - Steve Richardson with a bass from Dungarvan Bay in Ireland.

Photo 3 - Nick Roberts looking rather happy with a bass he nailed over in Ireland.

Photo 4 - A good conditioned bass taken via bumping a Black Minnow in the current - I have so much to learn about this method of fishing soft plastics on jig heads, but I so love doing it.

Photo 5 - Steve Richardson with another good bass he caught over in Ireland.

Photo 6 - A tigerfish taken on the fly from a remote river in Tanzania - wow these are savage fish.

Photo 7 - Another golden dorado from La Zona in Argentina. Awesome fish, they really are.

Photo 8 - Another Irish bass.

Photo 9 - Another tigerfish from Tanzania.

Photo 10 - Nick with another bass from the same session as Photo 3. If you are so inclined, give me your best guesses in the comments section along the lines of "Photo 1 - 250lbs" etc., and no, that golden dorado is not 250lbs by the way.

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