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Farewell dear wading boots - we’ve had some good times, but too often you are a rubbish and you cost far too much money. Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, hope you all had a good Xmas, here’s to 2017. Well I reckon that’s me and wading boots done and dusted. My roughly £25 Dunlop safety boots have lasted the three months that I told myself they needed to last before I would wholeheartedly adopt them as my wading boots of choice (check here, and yes, I know, they aren’t actually wading boots), and I am now really keen to see how long they will last before falling apart. But that’s kinda the point here for me - I don’t care if these Dunlop things fall apart tomorrow, because for the price they are firstly an absolute steal with how I’ve been using and abusing them, and secondly and arguably more importantly, these £25 boots have rather effectively highlighted to me just how badly made far too many of the “proper” wading boots are that I have tried over a bunch of years now……….

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