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Chase the bass hard right now.....

  • Easy for me to say with my lack of spare time at the moment, but that shift to darker evenings, colder nights and holiday makers going home means that now is prime time to go chasing big bass. I am hearing reports all over the place of some decent fish coming in, with lots to surface lures as well. Is there a more exciting way to catch a fish than off the top ?

  • When I am back from Tanzania at the end of next week, I have a few days back home before heading back over to Ireland. I do love the warmth of summer, but you can't beat early autumn and into winter for bass fishing, and especially if the weather comes close to playing ball. Once I have got September out of the way, in theory I should be able to get back to actually doing some local fishing, and I can't wait. But you can probably guess that I have various ideas up my sleeve to also head over to Ireland again if time and tides allow.

  • There should be bits and pieces of bass related gear turning up at home while I am in Africa, so it will be fun to take the stuff out and give it a proper workout in Ireland and around here. I really enjoy writing reviews of fishing tackle, but in my mind it is vital to have proper time with the items to be able to form a considered opinion. But even then it's only my opinion. I don't take any notice of hearsay or rumours. If I like something, all I can do is be honest about it and say it as I see it.

  • We drove up to London for a family wedding on Saturday, and my two girls were bridesmaids to my first cousin who was getting married. Obviously I took far too many photos of my girls all dressed up on the big day, but then what proud father would not ??!! How life changes eh ? We left central London on Saturday evening and were back home in four hours exactly, and that included crossing the Tamar on the Torpoint ferry. Not bad I reckon, and especially as my girls slept virtually the whole way back. Always very, very cool to get back to the south west. I don't mind the odd visit to London, but it's far too hectic for me to spend any amount of time there. Metal gigs and work meetings aside of course -in that order preferably.

  • Anyway, I had best get on and sort out all my camera gear and warm weather clothing for my Africa trip - I am flying from Heathrow on Tuesday evening, down to Dubai and then on to Dar Es Salaam. Getting rather excited..........