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Chasing Silver - check this awesome magazine out

Chasing Silver is a fantastic new fly fishing magazine that is fast creating a really good name for itself - the guys who put it together are all fishing nuts, writes and photographers from Finland, but the magazine is all in English. Hell, they even take some of my work, so they must be nice people !! But in all seriousness, this publication is looking better and better each issue, and the latest one is simply stunning. I love that front cover big time - nice one Toni, great shot. I love the use of a large aperture to bring you right in on that salmon's beady eye.

In the current issue there are also a couple of really interesting interviews with US fly fishing photographers Brian O'Keefe (one of the guys behind the online Catch magazine) and Jeff Bright - these guys are at the top of their games, and it is fascinating to hear more about their own photography and some of their thoughts on what goes into it. Huge credit to the Chasing Silver lot for actually going "behind" the articles you see and speaking to some of the guys who produce these photos we see.

Check out the Chasing Silver website right here, and then have a look at this link here to find out where you can get hold of this magazine in the UK. I see that there are a couple of places over here for starters. Much easier still, subscribe to it here. I am really proud to be a part of this. There is a big feature of mine on the awesome Bell II Lodge steelhead fishing in northern BC (Canada) - contact these guys here to go and do this outrageous fly fishing. True wilderness, great people, an iconic fish. Gotta see some more of the mighty steelhead. In the meantime, check out Jeff Bright's steelhead photography here.

And talking of the outstanding online Catch magazine, there is a brand new issue out now - see here. In my mind this is without doubt the best looking issue that has been released so far, in fact I am utterly and completely blown away by the quality of the photography in Catch magazine. I see that Jeff Bright has got a stunning looking steelhead feature in there. I also note that a photo of mine has sneaked its way in there as well. Very cool to be featured amongst such outstanding work - the token Brit !! Take some proper time to "flick" through the latest issue, for yet again it proves just how awesome any kind of fishing can look if some time and talent is applied to it. This is about as good as it gets in my mind, and huge credit to the people concerned for putting Catch together.

The results of long-term testing - the little Berkley "pistol" style fish grip is not that expensive, and it works well for our (sea) bass fishing. There is a big but in there though. It will cope with any size bass we are ever going to land, and it makes for far safer and efficient unhooking for both the angler and the fish. It sits by your side nice and easy, ready for use when a bass comes to hand. BUT - it is painfully obvious that this product was designed principally for freshwater fishing. Firstly, you might as well throw away the utterly useless holster it comes with and instead clip it to your bag or belt. If you are after a fish grip and do not want to spend that much money, the Berkley one is good, but you need to be aware that over time it will rust and it might actually break. I rinsed mine under freshwater after nearly every bass trip I did with it, plus I applied WD40 when it began to seize up a little, yet still it kept showing worrying signs of rust and a lack of "smoothness" over time. And then it simply broke in half on me when I went to "grab" a bass recently (just about where you see the angler's thumb in the photo above, that is where it snapped) - by pure luck the grip broke before I had a hold of the bass, otherwise the poor fish would have swum off with half a grip attached to its bottom lip. Not the kind of thing I want to see at all.

I wish I could recommend this product without any kind of reservations, but I see no point in being anything other than completely honest. There is no future in being any other way. Look after your Berkley grip and it will last you , but you should be aware of what can happen. It might not happen to you, I know that, but it happened to me. So I have done what I have been telling myself to do for years now - gone and bought the original and the best fish grip there is. The classic and timeless Boga Grip. It is not cheap, but I know how they last. I bought the 15lb model, and any bass that clunks that to the bottom is going to make my heart beat very fast indeed. I believe that various fly fishing shops here in the UK stock the Boga Grips - check their US website for the different models they do right here.

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