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Check out these soft plastic lures

Have a look at these strange looking soft plastic lures above - called the MegaBass Hazedong, these are the "Magnum" size, and they are designed to imitate what we might call a blenny or a goby. And they do it very, very well. They are heavy enough to be fished weightless, or otherwise they can be rigged with various belly weight hooks - have a close look at the various ways above. I can't believe how well some of these modern soft plastics imitate various prey species. A lure like this can really make you stop and think about locations and methods all over again, and that is a good thing. I am learning as I go along with this more "finesse" style of shore fishing.

The hook in the top one (weightless) is a 5/0 Decoy Texas style - a big hook, but then big bass have big mouths, and a hook like this adds casting weight as well. Note that they are rigged virtually weedless, so the Hazedong lures can be fished right in amongts the foulest ground - right where the blennies and gobies live, and where bass like to kill them. The other hooks are the same model, but with pre-rigged belly weights on them (you can buy them like that). Contact these guys here and I would imagine that you can get hold of them.

It just so happens that the new Tenryu Super Mix 240 that I "by mistake" purchased recently is the perfect kind of rod for working these soft plastics - twitch them properly and your jaw will hit the floor big time. These things just come alive, and I can think of numerous places where we bass fish over in south east Ireland where these things might just kill. The French guys told me that any of the MegaBass soft plastic lure packets that have the word "VIOS" on them mean that the lures need to be kept on their own and should not be mixed with other plastics - like these Hazedong ones. I think it's something to do with the materials and colours potentially breaking down when put next to something foreign. Personally I just carry them around in their packets when this is the case (not a problem with something like the MegaBass XLayer for example).

My mate Cato sent me a link to some photos of a huge shore caught conger eel over in Norway recently - this thing went just over 68lbs !!! Very close to Lark's (Martin Larkin) shore caught record conger eel over here, and once again proving that Norway has some outstanding shore fishing to go with it's well publicised, insanely good boat fishing. Check out the massive conger right here - not great photos, but you get the idea. That is some fish !!

There have been a number of classic metal bands getting back together lately and releasing killer new albums - when I saw this new one from the "long since stopped recording", crushing death metal band Asphyx, I had to get it. These guys were always awesome back in the day, and their new album "Death....The Brutal Way" is a classic slice of old skool, head crushing, vice-like death metal that will leave you battered and bruised. You can't help but smile when this stuff comes on. Anybody into extreme metal is going to recognise the "singer's" voice, as he also "sings" for the mighty Hail of Bullets (more classic old skool style metal). Check out a few of the new Asphyx tracks right here. Back to the good old days of in your face, what you see is what you get metal. Kind of like never having to grow up all over again. Cue proper head banging and wishing I still had long hair.