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Climb 8 Moy chest waders review (around £100)

So what does around £100 buy you on the lightweight/breathable chest wader front? A couple of years ago I was impressed by the Redington Crosswater waders that I see are still available for around £120 online (review here), and I still reckon that the Greys G-Series waders were a basic but great value for money pair of “kinda breathable” chest waders - so what are these Climb 8 Moy chest waders like? Climb 8 is a company based over in Ireland, and on their website here it says that you can get free delivery anywhere in the UK and Ireland. They make a bunch of different fishing clothing items, but it’s their Moy waders that I have got here, and I was really interested to see how their potentially great value for money lightweight waders might do..……

Here is Climb 8’s description of their waders from their website : “Strong triple layer fabric construction with protective articulated seat and knee patches. Soft neoprene waterproof booties. Chest-high trousers with braces and adjustable elastic at front chest. High waterproof zipped pocket at top. Adjustable channelled full belt around waist. Gravel guards with non-rusting hooks. All our products are guaranteed 100% waterproof (therefore no need to "reproof" as others demand) and our deluxe triple layer fabric range carries a guarantee of : 5,000+ grm/m2/24hours breathability. 10,000 hydrostatic head. Quality and performance of all our products during normal wear and tear is guaranteed for 2 years from date of purchase. We are confident that you will always buy Irish once you have tried and tested our garments”.

As with any waders I try, I can’t guarantee you that these “budget” Climb 8 Moy chest waders are not going to leak on you over time, but so far, so good, indeed they seem to be very well made (I really like the sound of their guarantee as per the above paragraph). I like the wader material and I like the fact that there is added reinforcing material on the knees and arse. The waders seem to be fairly breathable, as in no pair of breathable waders is ever going to get rid of all sweat, but these Moy ones seem to be doing a perfectly good job. I have never come across more breathable waders than those made by Simms, but don’t for one second think that the hideously expensive Simms waders are vastly more waterproof - my Simms G3 waders have had to go back to be looked at because all they ever do is leak on me. I go fishing in them and nearly every time I get wet somewhere different.

Give me around £100 to spend on a pair of lightweight chest waders that work well for lure fishing especially and I can’t see how you can go far wrong with these Climb 8 Moy chest waders - but there are a few pretty minor quirks if I can put it like that, and if you are after a pair of waders then you need to consider if these quirks might bother you. These Climb 8 waders are a better cut overall than the slightly more expensive Redington Crosswater waders, but for some reason they are a little bit shorter in length, as in they don’t come quite as far up my chest as most other chest waders I have worn. Does this matter? Only if you are need to wade that deep I suppose, but then the other morning I was on tiptoes wading across a big gully, and if I had been wearing these Climb 8 waders they would not have been quite tall enough. It’s not remotely a big deal, but I do wonder why they can’t be that little bit taller as such.

The straps that come over your shoulders are at best fairly useless, as in they loosen all the time. I like the fact that they are of a lightweight, stretchy material, but I would advise that you find the best fit and then secure the buckles in place with gaffer tape or something. Again, this is not remotely a deal breaker because it’s so easy to work around it, and on a “budget” pair of chest waders I can understand that you’re not going to get top of the range components - but surely a better “buckle and secure” system can be found for the same money?

The inbuilt gravel guards could do with being somewhat longer, but they will work just fine with most wading boots to be fair - albeit I can’t help but wonder how much use most gravel guards actually are. What are they “guarding” against really? There ain’t anything that’s going to stop sand entering a pair of wading boots when you’re fishing in the surf for example, but does it actually matter when you can simply take your wading boots off and was the sand out afterwards? I am mainly noticing how short these Moy gravel guards are because I am still wearing these rather awesome Canyoneer 3 boots (see here and here) which are a shorter height up the ankle/calf than a pair of hiking or wading boots. The neoprene socks on the bottom of these Moy aren’t remotely fitted to your feet as such, but once your feet are in them and you’re all secured in your wading boots, I can’t say that I really notice when compared to say the fantastically well fitted Simms neoprene socks.

None of these niggles or quirks are in the deal-breaker category to me, and if I was looking to spend around the £100 mark on a pair of chest waders then I reckon these would be at the top of my list. I tend to take an XL in most things, and I have been wearing an XL pair of Moy chest waders and they fit just fine. Excellent value for money if you ask me, although with a few minor changes I reckon these could be an even better pair of chest waders. Yet again I am left wondering whether with how we use chest waders and with what we put them through whether there is ever going to be much logic to spending potentially a heap more money on a pair that at the end of the day are not going to last a heap more time………