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Come on England - FWCFZ

Apparently there's a football world cup starting soon, but please rest assured that this blog is going to have absolutely nothing to do with it (football world cup free zone). Good on you if football is your thing, but me? I can't be doing with it. I didn't grow up playing it, although from time to time I was made to have a go at it and it bored me rigid. I know squat about it, any football I have watched by mistake I have hated every single second of it, and I have issues with these football people being paid so much money and behaving like children - come on, diving/faking injury etc.? Abusing the ref? Not for me.

But on Saturday morning the up and coming England rugby team take on the All Blacks in the second test of a three test series down in New Zealand. The first test was one hell of a match, and I can't wait to see what is going to happen with a full strength England team. If we forget all about the debacle that was the 2011 Rugby World Cup then in my opinion there is simply no comparison between the two sports - rugby is for proper men who put their bodies on the line for what some of these footballers probably earn in a week.

OK, so whatever sport floats your boat is just fine with me (but did I mention how much I despise football?), but if you are a passionate England rugby supporter then you will know how exciting things are at the moment. It's been a long hard road since that epic World Cup when we stood astride the world and won the thing - and yes, I make no apologies for mentioning it again. When did the England football team last win their world cup? But for England rugby fans it has been a somewhat up and down ride since then (and mostly down to be honest) - now though there is genuine hope. Stuart Lancaster seems to be putting together a group of warriors who are buying into his mantra, and I for one can't wait until the (proper) World Cup in 2015.

Are we going to beat the All Blacks on Saturday morning? Well they won't let us boss things around two Saturdays in a row, that's for sure, but you have to imagine that the fear factor of playing the current world champions in their own backyard is surely non-existent. I love watching the New Zealand team in full flow when they are on top of their game, but as good as they can be, they are fallible, and especially at World Cups (vive la France!!, and how close did they come to losing that 2011 final?). I reckon we've got a good chance of beating them, and can you imagine the confidence that would give what is mostly a young England side?

Now if there is one good thing about the football world cup, it's that there will surely be less people out and about when England are playing - which for me is going to be the perfect time to be out and about myself. Come on England, let's give the All Blacks a bit of hell!!

WADE - fly reels made for water from Wade on Vimeo.

If you are into your fly fishing then I have a bit of interesting news - the lads at Flycastaway who I have done plenty of work with in the Seychelles, South Africa, Zambia, Mauritius etc. have gone and done what I know they have been thinking about for years - they are making their own fly reels. Designed and engineered in South Africa, I am thinking that these three models of Wade Fly Reels are going to be some serious bits of kit as I have seen the hell they put their gear through. Check the little promo video above and more news to come as and when I get it.