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Coming back to colour again.....

How much difference does the colour really make ? Or is it a vital ingredient when working out what lure to use for your fishing ? Take the IMA Sasuke 140 lure above, in what is my favourite colour. Now if I was a really good bass angler with plenty of time on my hands, then I would be telling you that the specific colour you can see is my out and out favourite because I have spent ages testing out different colours in all kinds of different situations. But I haven't, and I'm just your regular fisherman who has fallen for bass fishing in a big way. Can't lie to you about it. I am self-employed, I have a young family who I love spending time with, and I have bills to pay - very much like plenty of you here I am sure. But I love that colour on the Sasuke........

But why ? Surely there has to be some mildly scientific slant to me feeling supremely confident when I strap this particular lure on and blast it out ? Believe me, I wish there was !! Like many of us have done and will continue to do so, the whole colour thing has to be so much down to confidence. Never for one second underestimate its importance in all kinds of fishing. We catch, and so we continue to use. Simple really. That colour of Sasuke 140 was the first one I got my hands on, and for a long time it was the only one I had. And from almost the first cast I hooked bass on it. It happened that when I first fished with the lure it was early autumn over in south east Ireland, and from this I got this thought in my head that the bass were liking it because it was roughly mimicking the colour of the masses of small pollack that surely had to be on the menu.

So was that me trying to work something out that might never have been a factor ? Was it me trying to almost justify to myself that there had to be some kind of logic to me liking this lure in this colour ? If I had got hold of a different colour first off and then caught on it, would I be posting that colour up on here instead ? Questions, questions. Imagine my early morning walks with my sheepdog Jess - my time for thinking things through, and I often get back with a brain on overload because all I have done is to come up with even more questions.

Now look at the MegaBass X-140SW above, in this exact colour - HT Hama Shirasu to be precise (where on earth do they get these names from ?). I bet if you rang Cian over at Absolute Fishing in Tramore (southern Ireland) and asked him what his out and out favourite colour of the X-140SW was, he would tell you "HT Hama Shirasu". And you know why ? Because I watched him take one out of a box earlier this year and take a 10lb and an 8lb bass almost in consecutive casts on it. My apologies to Cian if there was in fact some deep and meaningful reason to his lure choice, but I am pretty sure that this colour happened to be the first one he had got his hands on. I would bet that Cian does not venture out on his local coastline without this exact lure in this exact colour ever again !! See what I mean ?

This is meant to be a deliberately light-hearted look at what is in fact a massive subject, for it's something that I don't personally feel qualified to try and provide definitive answers to. All I can really do is speculate. Some days I end up convinced that the colour hardly makes a blind bit of difference, but then I see something to swing me the other way and make me start thinking otherwise. Everybody has a theory (or ten), but however right or wrong somebody might actually be, you still can't get away from something sometimes happening to really go and throw a spanner in the works. How many times have you been catching nothing, then changed lures (or colour), and then caught a fish or two ? Was it the lure ? Was it the different colour ? Did you fish differently ? Was it a set of other variables that we simply don't understand ?

But as much as colour must be about our levels of confidence to some degree, there has to be a lot, lot more to it. How about soft plastics and some of the guys almost matching the colour of the bottom when chasing wrasse for example ? And why do so many anglers rave about the Xorus Patchinko in the "Nacre" colour for example ? It kills, plain and simple, and so many bass anglers I know always carry one (me included), but unless I am mistaken the bass can't even see the colouration on the back of the lure when you are walking it across the surface. And so I come back to something I have always held true - walk away from the angler who says they know it all, because they don't. Fishing's too big a thing to ever be mastered, and I guess that is a big reason why so many of us are into it.