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Competition time - you could win an awesome Major Craft lure rod

I think I have only run one competition on this blog before, but the time has come to run another one, and it's principally due to the good people who are bringing the Japanese lure rod brand Major Craft into the UK. Never heard of them ? You will. Believe me, they seem to make a lure rod at almost every single price point for the kinds of fishing we do here in the UK and Ireland, and in Japan Major Craft is one of the big players when it comes to rods. The fact that I can offer one of their rods for a blog competition rather floats my boat. I have fished with the rod on offer (not the exact same rod you might be winning of course, it is not second hand !!) and, I have considered rigging the competition so that I can win it myself !! It's a pretty special lure rod..........

Let's do things a bit backwards and start with the prize itself - the competition entry requirements will come a bit further down the page. The prize on offer is a Major Craft Crostage CRS-762M/S Hard Rock Game lure rod - it's 7'6'' long, rated to fish 7-28g with a Fast action. I believe it retails here in the UK around the £200 mark (see here), and from my own experience with this rod I reckon it represents some seriously good value for money. If you have any interest at all in bumping all manner of soft plastics around for our wrasse then I think you might find this rod to be just about perfect. Bearing in mind that I am doing my best to learn as much as I can about wrassing on plastics, I think I can pretty much understand how this Crostage Hard Rock rod was designed to work. I have fished various plastics with it and caught a bunch of (smallish) wrasse and it just feels like a totally natural extension of my arm if that makes sense. It just feels "right". Almost scary sensitive to the point that I felt I was successfully almost teasing the more hesitant wrasse into nailing my lures by bumping the lures just away and waiting for them to hit again. Talk about electric bites through the rod. Stacks of grunt but huge amounts of finesse (me ? Yes !! I am finally finding my inner finesse, although I do still rather like blasting and cranking hard lures. It's never too late). I have only used a few "specialist rock fishing lure rods", but I am learning what they are designed to do and this Crostage Hard Rock is one hell of a lot of rod. There is also a lighter rated model (5-18g) that I would hazard a guess is something pretty interesting as well (see here).

Although I see why it works so well for rock fishing with lures, I also reckon it would make a pretty awesome "do it all" lure rod if you are into rods under the 8' mark. And lots of anglers do seem to be. I don't kayak fish myself, but I have a hunch that this Crostage might just fit the bill on this front, plus of course from the boat. Very, very manageable. The handle is a little shorter than regular which I find perfect for fishing "rod tip up" for wrasse (where the handle ends up sitting naturally under your forearm and then stays in place when you strike a fish hard and away from sanctuary in one movement), and after a few chucks with the more regular hard lures it all feels very normal to me. This Crostage Hard Rock rod is the first Major Craft rod that I have played and fished with and I am dead impressed. As I said, if at the end of the day a potentially fictional/dubious sounding character wins this competition then you might well question whether it's me not being able to resist the lure of this rather special rod !!

Anyway, the competition. What do you need to do to be in with a chance of winning ? Very simple really. In no more than 100 words I would like you to tell me why lure fishing in saltwater does it for you. I don't care what you lure fish for (in saltwater) and I don't care how you go about describing to me how lure fishing does it for you, but the winner will be the person who inspires me the most. The angler who via their 100 words max makes my heart race faster and gets my adrenaline going because their love for the sport has come across so effectively, that will be the person who wins the rod. I am not going to ask for grammatically perfect paragraphs, but please bear in mind that if I am struggling to read and/or understand what you have written then it will not stand a chance (hint - spellcheck and no capitals for what you might think is extra emphasis !!). And flat out any use of any kind of text speak will warrant your entry null and void - you know I despise it big time. I am not asking for excessively flowery language and complex sentence structures, just good old fashioned English the way it was meant to be (m8 ?). Make me want to go out lure fishing because of what you have written................

Now here is how to get your words to me (and remember, 100 words max) - I am going to ask you to get them to me in two ways, and I need you to do both just in case one method fails etc. First off, please leave your entry in the comments section at the bottom of this blog post - at the end of your entry please do this - "blah, blah, blah (your words of wisdom)" - X number of words (the exact word count please, e.g. 96 words) - submitted by Spiky Bass (your first and last names). Then please email that same entry to my email address on this Contact Me page of my website here - the subject of the email needs to read "Major Craft blog competition". Please submit it in the same way as you have done in the comments section (word count and name) and I can then file them away and keep them safe here on my computer. Please, please make sure to put your postal address at the bottom of the email so that the rod can be sent out in case you win. But note, please do not send me any attachments (Word, PDFs etc.) - it's only 100 words max, so please put the words within your actual email. Any attachments will render the entry null and void. Does that all make sense ? I have put a sample in the comments section of this post to help out.

The competition will run until Friday 15th June which happens to be the last day of the bass close season in Ireland, and sometime during the week starting Monday 18th June I will announce the winner. Please rest assured that your emails/postal addresses that you send me as entries will be going nowhere else but my Inbox (apart from the winner's address which of course will go to Nice Fish for the prize to be sent out), and I would ask that no journalists/writers enter the competition. By entering you are accepting that I will of course post the winning entry up on my blog (obviously !!), and from time to time during the competition I might publish a few entries up on the blog that have really got me going. I hope this all makes sense. Go for it and I can't wait to read your ramblings !! My thanks to Nice Fish for putting such an awesome prize up.