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Conditions, conditions......

For all the nice, shiny lures and Japanese made rods and reels, I love the fact that this bass fishing thing is just so down to conditions. It always amazes me how quickly fishing can turn on and off - ok, so it is not firing properly over here in southern Ireland, but the bass have become a lot more lively since our first morning here. And especially after that short but very hard southerly blow that we had kick up on Friday afternoon and into the evening. The wind dropped fast though and swung around north west, and on Saturday morning we were left with some pretty good looking conditions........

Paul took this stunning 8lb bass in one lively sea - check out how soaked the guy is, indeed he got a proper drenching from landing it. Plus me asking him to hold fish the fish and pose for a few photos. Photographers, who needs them ? There's me laughing away, but how this stuff comes up and bites you. We were walking back along the base of some cliffs later on, and out of the blue I shipped a wave right in my face and down the front of my waders. Drenched. He who laughs last eh ? I probably don't even need to tell you what Paul took this stunning fish on. Have a guess though.......begins with a G !!

Just before we lost the light behind some cliffs yesterday evening, conditions came together for about ten minutes so incredibly for photography that I was literally shaking as I suddenly "saw" the combination of angle of light, sea state, and the position of James fishing above. These little photos on my blog won't do justice to how sublime it looked, but I ripped off a lot of images. Fishing often looks cool, but just sometimes it all comes together to look simply off the scale awesome, and I get about the biggest kick you can imagine when conditions go like this.

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