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Confusion over fishing with lures

Judging by the number of emails and feedback I get, plus the questions often asked on this lure fishing forum here, it strikes me that there is (and most likely always be) a certain amount of confusion surrounding the subject of fishing with lures. The more you get into this way of fishing, the more you find there is to learn.......

By no means would I ever come close to claiming that I am some kind of "lure fishing guru" - far from it in fact. I know what I know, but I have got so much more to learn. I get to see all kinds of fish caught in all kinds of ways all over the world, and a lot of this information naturally finds its way into my own fishing. The key to understanding more on how to fish with lures is having an open mind and wanting to learn. We've all met fishermen who for some reason think they know it all, and I always leave these people to stew in their own dreamworld. I like spending time around people who have open minds.

So where on earth do we go to find out more about fishing with lures, and especially using lures for "our" bass ? Good internet forums are great places to ask around and share information, and you could do a lot worse than have a look at WorldSeaFishing right here. Granted, on every forum I would imagine that there are going to be a few "keyboard warriors" lurking around, but the forums on WSF are generally full of lots of anglers willing to help out and share information.

Read as much as you can. In a shameless plug for the features I write and photograph for Sea Angler magazine, I am of course going to say that this magazine should be high on your list. All biased words apart, I am in the middle of a "modern bass fishing" series for the magazine, and you can see a big feature of mine on shallow-diving lures in the current issue on pages 120, 121, 122, 123 and 124. There are a few "experts" who like to knock the various fishing magazines, but I simply ignore this sniping. Magazines have to aim at all skill levels, and I reckon the new look Sea Angler is doing a really good job at the moment. It has always amazed me though that so many of these "experts" who claim never to read the magazines often want to ask specific questions about certain locations, photos, fish etc !! "But I thought you didn't read the fishing press ?"

Read fishing books. Just because a particular book might have been published a few years ago does not suddenly put the information within it out of date. Sure, modern lure fishing techniques are constantly evolving, but still the most important thing in fishing is knowing where and when to find the fish. All the shiny new lures in the shops are never going to change that.

I have been searching my brain to think of a particular online fishing resource that actually shows you how to fish with different lures, but I can't really think of one - people often ask me what on earth it means to do things like "walk the dog" or "fish with a popper" etc. Again, I am hardly the most knowledgeable person there is on this, but I am learning more and more all the time. But all the photos and the words in the world are still never going to fully explain the different techniques, so does anybody out there know of any online locations where people can see decent video footage of fishing with different lures ? Please get hold of me through my website here and I can post links to them, or put them in the Comments section on this blog.

Nothing though is ever going to beat actually getting out there and doing it yourself. Most of it is really very simple indeed, and by getting out there you can play around with the lures and also get to meet other fishermen. I still say that there is no finer sport to be into than fishing, for the majority of anglers I meet are only too happy to share information and also help others along.

I am starting to speak to the Jersey tourism guys and also some friends over in Jersey about the idea of putting together some very informal kinds of "bass fishing meets". We are not sure of the exact logistics or format yet, or even if it is going to happen, but some of us are really keen on getting anglers over to fish and learn together in one of the most magical places I know of. It would be nothing to do with "experts or brain-overloading", rather a chance to get together and pool what we know and see what comes out of it. There are some guys over there who know a hell of a lot about all this. The Channel Islands are just fantastic. Do these ideas have proper merit ? Any more information will be posted here.......

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