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Conger fishing from the shore

I went out to Plymouth Breakwater on Monday night to photograph a bit of conger fishing from the shore - they had a big competition out there the day before, and Rob Yorke won it with a 34lb eel that he essentially sight fished to in the daytime !! He and Mark saw the fish, Rob put a bait out, and they watched the conger literally inhale the offering right beneath their feet - the fish was weighed and released. Nice one guys. So hopes were pretty high for Monday night......

Whatever way you look at it, just being out on the breakwater at night is a pretty awesome experience - looking back at Plymouth across the Sound is a hell of a sight, and the weather was very kind to us. But for some reason the eels were not really playing ball in any big way - Mark Bryce landed this one you can see above, some more straps were also taken, yet the really big eels that have to live out there were keeping their heads down. Keep your eyes and ears open down here, for there are plans coming together to hold plenty more days and nights out on the breakwater - on Sunday they also had mullet and wrasse to nearly 6lbs, plus a nice plaice, so it's a place seriously worth fishing. When I hear more, you will see the news here on this blog.

Congering from the shore is proper stuff, indeed they are one of the few species we have around our coasts that can get really big and hit back seriously hard. There were at least a couple of much better fish lost on Monday night, indeed that is always the case when going for them in a serious way, but I can't wait to get back out there and see the guys try again. When time was not an issue, I used to spend a scary amount of time chasing eels from the shore, and living in Plymouth gives us access to arguably the best big eel locations in the UK - namely Devil's Point and Mutton Cove within the River Tamar system. Hard fishing, lots of blank trips, but proven big fish marks time and time again. You need a huge amount of everything to come together just at the right time kind of luck to land big eels off the shore, and I know a few very good anglers who have done so consistently over the years. They have my utmost respect.

Young (ok, not really), single (not really either), wildly attractive (girls ?), a mighty fine angler and one of the nicest guys you could hope to know (true) ,with the ability to stay alert all night long. Available to you at a special price. A top bloke, always good for "don't worry Henry, I know how to get home", and then starts snoring in the back of the van five minutes later. I know Yorkie won't mind me posting this stunning photo of him resting his eyelids for a couple of minutes on Monday night. I got his best side !!

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