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Cool cover

Thanks to Martin for inviting me along to some south Cornish wrasse fishing on Saturday - had such fun and got some cool photos of a really pretty and quiet part of Cornwall, plus some nice fish as well. Well done guys. Martin asked me to come along through the World Sea Fishing forums. These fish are always a pleasure to be around, whether catching or photographing them. The kind of shore fishing that anybody can enjoy.

Just got the latest issue of the outstanding Australia/NZ fly fishing magazine FlyLife through the post and I was really pleased to see that the front cover is a photo of mine, of a bonefish from the Seychelles. There is also a really colourful and good looking feature of mine in there from the Seychelles, with photos of bones, milkfish, triggers and parrotfish. I had the front cover of this quarterly magazine a while ago as well, click here to see. To get material placed in such good looking publications like these is a real buzz. I will post the cover shot in due course.

Only one group of guys in the world successfully run extreme fly fishing trips to the ultra-remote atolls, many hundreds of miles off the Seychelles, and that is FlyCastaway. A hardcore, dedicated bunch of fly fishing guides from South Africa, they are the nicest and most professional people you could ever hope to meet. And frighteningly talented fly fishermen as well. Photographing with this lot is a serious thrill for somebody like me. I have photographed with them a couple of times in the remote Seychelles, plus in Zambia for the tiger fish, and in South Africa for the yellowfish of the Vaal river. Plenty more to do in the future with them, including a trip back to Cosmoledo atoll in the Seychelles this December. FlyCastaway are right at the cutting edge of modern, worldwide fly fishing.

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