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Could there be a total collapse of

Scaremongering? Call it what you will, but nobody who sport fishes for bass around our coastline could deny that we ain't exactly got a gloriously healthy fishery. Sure, on its day our bass fishing can be good, but how frequent are those days? I must assume you stand back sometimes and think about how good the bass fishing once was, and if there was ever a chance that we could get back to these days. Pie in the sky? Study the striped bass fishery in the US. It can happen. As the dominant species on this planet we are the ones who retain the ability to affect fish stocks for the positive or the negative, and there is a growing school of thought out there that "our" bass stocks are in very serious trouble and that some serious action needs to be taken to avoid a total collapse.

I have been asked by a couple of BASS members if I might post a presentation that was made recently to a workshop they ran - how could I not do this? This blog that I so love doing is read by a lot of people now and I can but hope that some of you will take proper notice of this presentation and then perhaps get fired up and get involved with organisations such as BASS and The Angling Trust who are trying to do something to afford some proper protection for bass stocks. At the very least, please go here and sign this online petition, and check here for an example of what the Angling Trust has been up to recently with regards to bass stocks. Bury your heads all you want and hope that things might magically get back to whatever normal might actually be, or instead do something about it - at the very least please read the presentation below...................

Remember, please sign this online petition here.

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