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Crumbs, white senkos at night on a clean beach - that'll do me just fine!!

Holy frigging cow - first night in Ireland and we’ve started with a bang. I’ve caught a bunch of bass on white senkos fished in muckier water during the daytime, but up until last night I had never caught one at night on one of these rather innocuous looking soft plastic lures. Steve was out here a couple of weeks ago and they hammered a lot of good bass at night on white senkos, of course bearing in mind that for most of their trip they had pretty calm conditions and as such the open coast wasn’t exactly bouncing - which kinda then pushed them into doing a fair bit of night fishing……

So we got to our rental house here at the Gold Coast just before 8pm last night, having checked out the conditions at a spot we had an eye on fishing at last light and into dark for the first few hours of the push. It would be remarkably foolish of me not to pick the brains of a thoroughly talented lure angler who has been doing so well via this particular method (Stee who was once Steve), and as per us fishing these senkos during daylight hours, a slow, straight retrieve at night seems to prove killer. Why does white seem to work so well at night when you tend to hear far more about black being the killer colour when it’s dark? Beats me, but with the amount of fish these lads have caught on these colour soft plastics, there has to be something to it.

So much of this fishing is about confidence, and quite simply I needed to try and catch a bass on a white senko at night to then give me the confidence that firstly I am doing it right, and secondly that I should be taking this uber-simple method and applying it to my home waters. I have caught a fair number of bass at night on various hard lures, but standing in the gentle surf last night and slowly retrieving a soft lure that to our eyes does squat in the water, and I will admit to a degree of scepticism!! Which flew right out of the window when a bass around 3.5lbs smashed my senko before it got dark.

To be honest that would have done me just fine. I set out to do something and fortunately it went to plan, and that single bass give me all the confidence I needed to add another method to my armoury. But about 12.30 last night and no more than fifteen yards off my rod tip, a proper bass went and absolutely smashed into my white senko, and I reckon the fish was in no more than 2-3’ of water. Cian was fishing close to me and he kindly came running over to help me get the thing landed, secured, unhooked, and then held in the water while I sorted out a camera and flashgun for a couple of pix. As good as the scrap was, I did get a bit of a shock when Cian’s BASS tape showed the fish as 76cms long, indeed this was the first bass I have caught that I have ever had measured in my life.

Now if that bass had been really fat I guess it might have made the 10lb mark, but whatever the BASS measure might suggest (and at the end of the day it is only a guide for the likes of us to use), I am giving the lean bass 9lbs maximum - and I am over the frigging moon!! I’d have settled quite happily for the single smaller fish, principally because I caught on a method of fishing that I had no properly explored before, but of course that bigger bass was a bit of icing on the cake. First night in Ireland and this perfectly glorious place does it yet again. White senkos at night - if you’d said to me five years ago I would have been fishing like I was last night with those lures I might have giggled, and this proves to me yet again that it’s just plain stupid to dismiss stuff in fishing………