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Delayed by a day

We got to Santa Cruz airport in Bolivia yesterday morning to be told that our American Airlines flight back to Miami was delayed by over four hours - meaning that I was going to miss my connection on to London Heathrow. Great, all we needed !! So American Airlines put us up in a hotel for the night here in Miami, and I fly back home tonight instead, arriving a day late on Thursday morning UK time. Then I drive back to Plymouth to see my girls. So looking forward to getting home now.

We have most of the day to kill in Miami, so I guess a trip to a local Bass Pro might be in order !! To those of you who don't know, a Bass Pro "shop" is essentially a fishing tackle and clothing outlet that is about the size of one of our big supermarkets in the UK. Fishing heaven for the tackle tart, but lethal for the bank account. Just about every single thing to do with fishing and hunting that you can possibly imagine, including lots of lovely soft plastics that might work well for our bass fishing. Perhaps these airline delays are simply clever ways to get us spending more money in the US. Me, a cynic ? Never......

I have had a bit of time now to sit back and think about this Bolivia trip we have just done, because when you are on the spot so to speak, it is easy to get caught up in the excitement of a new location and lose a bit of focus. Was it as good as I thought it was initially ? No, it was better. Way better. I was going back over the huge number of photos I got on the flight back from Santa Cruz yesterday, and I reckon this particular trip is one of the most special things I have ever, ever done in fishing. Just the variety of photos I have managed to get is off the scale. It is rather helpful that the cost of hard drives keeps on coming down !!

I fully accept that there are not a whole load of people out there who are going to do a fishing trip like the one we have just done. It is expensive and it is a hell of a long way from home. I would never be doing these kinds of things if it was not my job, but because it is my job I get to see these trips from different angles. I completely understand why there are numbers of fishermen who can and will spend what it takes to access the most untouched and unspoilt fishing on this earth. Some can drop the cash without worrying about it for one second, and some save up for months and months. To cast flies, lures or baits into waters barely touched by mankind is something truly special, and this sight fishing to golden dorado and Amazon pacu in the Bolivian jungle is in the insane category. Talk to the guys at either Aardvark McLeod or The Latin American Fishing Co. about this stuff. If I ever get a chance to go back I would be off like a shot. See you back in the UK. I know I said that on the last post, so hopefully it all goes to plan this time and I get back home tomorrow.

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