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Destination Angler, by Dave Lewis - book review

As much as I love my UK and Irish fishing, angling to me is a global thing, and via my travelling for work especially I have a fascination with sport fishing all around the world - and as a result, I can’t help but be interested in other people who fish a bit in weird and wonderful places. Putting Dave Lewis and “fish a bit” in the same sentence is a bit like saying Mo Farah does a bit of running though - Dave seriously travels the world for his fishing and fishing related work, and I am thrilled to be able to tell you about a Destination Angler, a book he has written and photographed. Crumbs, I reckon I’ve been to a few places on this glorious earth for my work and fishing, but take it from me, Dave’s done a scary amount…………

Is there an angler out there who couldn’t get a kick out of reading about Dave’s wealth of fishing experiences? He writes in a very down to earth and approachable way, as indeed he has done so for many years in Sea Angler, and I like how this makes me feel very involved in the many stories that unfold through the course of the book. Most anglers will never get to experience even a small percentage of the global fishing that Dave has done, but he manages to put you right in the middle of his fishing trips, and at the end of the day us anglers are but dreamers are we not? There’s a big world out there and Dave’s book Destination Angler opens up some of the finest sport fishing there is to us readers - and yes, there’s plenty of stuff in there that is on my bucket list!

Kenya, the Florida Keys, Norway, Tanzania, Cape Cod, Argentina, Mozambique, The Maldives, Belize, Uganda, Panama, Sierra Leone etc., the list of destination based chapters in this book is quite something. I won’t go into the many species covered because I would need a book to do so myself, but if you have any interest in some of the best sport fishing to be found around our glorious planet, pick up a copy of Destination Angler by Dave Lewis and lose yourself for many wonderful hours. OK, as a fishing photographer myself I’d like to maybe see a few double page spreads that show off the stunning locations even more (but this of course adds to design and printing costs with a book), but this is just me knowing how frigging awesome some of these places can look - there are more good photos of serious fish throughout the book that anybody has any right to have caught and I can see myself coming back to Destination Angler again and again throughout the long winter months especially. Well done Dave, cracking book, that’s some air miles!

Details above on where you can buy this book

Details above on where you can buy this book