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Do longer rods really have to be so cumbersome and rated for such heavy lures ?

I subscribe wholeheartedly to an 8' modern-style, well balanced lure rod as being perhaps the "ultimate" all round useful all round length for many kinds of lure fishing, but I can't help but feel that are some times and places where a longer rod that can push lures out a bit further might be useful. I am learning as I go here, but one thing I am not interested in is standing still and accepting that this or that is the way it has to be. What I do not want is one of these 10' plus things that is rated say to cast perhaps over 60g. When on earth do we go casting 60g+ bass lures out there ? And why here in the UK does a longer rod have to almost automatically be rated to cast much heavier lures, just because it's longer ? Note the word UK though - I do not include rods like the French designed, Japanese built Tenryu Red Dragon Express or Red Ultimate One here, because they are pretty unique bits of kit.

How about a delightfully well balanced, lightweight lure rod that has been optimised to cast say 10-30g, but is say 10' or even 11' long ? Go and look at most of the hard bass lures you fish with and note how many of them are around 12-25g.........so why on earth do we need to have 10' or 11' rods that are made to cast such big weights then ? Please note that I am in no way starting a discussion about potentially longer lure rods because I think we need more power to land "our" bass or even pollack. We don't. And I can't be bothered to listen to anglers who tell me they need a more powerful rod because their bass or pollack pull so hard. Pull back harder !! What I am talking about is being able to push certain lures out further if needs be, or perhaps to help out with fishing high up from the sea because of rough conditions. I can think of various locations I have fished in southern Ireland for example where the reef we are fishing over is a certain distance out, and to be able to put the hard lure out beyond it before retrieving is a significant advantage. If I had a proper, modern-style lure rod that gave me a bit of extra distance because of it's length, but was still optimised to fish with the lures I use, would it help me out ? I am beginning to think that it might. So where are these rods then ?

My initial research leads me to believe that there are some of these specialist rods over in Japan, and I am starting to come across certain models that I think might be what I am looking for. I wish I could think of a better analogy, but imagine taking something like the Tenryu Injection at 7'3'' or the 8' Daiwa Morethan Branzino 80ML and making them say 10' or even 11' long - but with the same kind of fast action and quick recovery, and rated to cast the same kind of weight (let's say 10-30g). Plus they need to feel as well balanced and manageable in the hand. OK, so these longer rods I am starting to find out about might well have different actions to what I am trying to describe, but I bet you can see where I am coming from. Essentially I want the feel of a lightweight, fast action short rod but in a longer rod, to give me some more distance when I feel that I could do with it. But I don't want or need a load more power and thus more weight. I accept that this rod will not be designed for small soft plastics and also for really imparting lots of action on my hard sub-surface lures. Those requirements are very well fulfilled by other rods that we already have.

(look closely, there is an angler in there somewhere)

Am I barking up the wrong tree here ? I have tried, but I can't find a rod like I am describing in the UK or France - but please, if you know of any, let me know. And if you are currently using any rods from Japan that you think might fit the bill, again, please let me know - leave a comment at the bottom of this post or email me through the Contact Me page on this website. What I am trying very hard not to do is to go and complicate this fishing. But the gear in this lure fishing thing does really interest me these days, and I am always looking out for stuff that might help me solve various problems.

I watched that film "The Social Network" last night - if a film about the creation of Facebook does not sound that exciting then stand to be amazed, because it's one awesome bit of film making. The director David Fincher has done it for me since he did Se7en and Fight Club. Anyway, my point is slightly to remind you that I do actually have a Facebook page myself - please check here if this kind of thing does it for you !! But quite aside from that, England v Scotland in the Six Nations on Sunday afternoon is going to be a monster game. But first things first, I need to head off and buy a lawnmower this morning. How life has changed............axes (chopping maul), spades, forks, raised beds, mowing, gardening. Loving it. Have a good weekend all of you. Perhaps some of you will be out having a proper sniff around for some bass ?