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Do some spots literally smell of the potential for big bass more than others?

We all know that bigger fish can turn up from almost anywhere, but do you ever come across locations that almost smell like they are big bass spots? The sort of locations where everything kinda feels right that one day you’re either going to land or see a mate land a really good bass. Well thanks to a thoroughly nice lad from north Cornwall, I fished a “new to me” spot yesterday afternoon and into early evening that just smelt of the potential for big bass. OK, so the chances of catching a big bass when it was so incredibly calm and clear were at best limited, but every single cast had that extra little edge of tension with how awesome the ground was……….

So why do some spots give you that bit more inspiration than others? If I think of the places we fish around here on the south coast of Cornwall, whilst I love that we have so much bass ground on our doorstep, without a doubt I fancy my chances of seeing better fish from certain locations more than others. Granted, there is of course an amount of historical data here with being able to recall what has been caught from certain marks in the past, but above that is a gut feeling of big bass wanting to mooch around on the hunt for food, and a few select places just give me that extra sense above others. And obviously I love being proved wrong when a decent fish comes from somewhere you least expect it.

As the ground uncovered on the ebb tide early evening yesterday, I can’t help but look around and visualise or literally smell big bass cruising those gullies and channels and using them as cover for killing unsuspecting prey. Aside from the pretty naff conditions, every single thing about where Jody took me to yesterday felt right for bass fishing, indeed it was some of the most awesome bass ground I can recall seeing. I caught a small bass on my first cast with an IMA Salt Skimmer and Jody nabbed a couple of small ones way down the tide on yes, you’ve guessed it, the DoLive Stick, a lure which I think I want to marry and run away with - and to be honest I think we did pretty well to nab those small fish with the conditions we had. Jody also had a follow from a decent fish which turned away right at the last moment. They were there………..

But it was so much more than that. As much as I love where I live and do so much of my fishing, I need to see and fish different areas of the coastline to help feed my soul. A lifetime spent fishing the same spots for me would be a waste when we are surrounded by so much that we should be seeing. Jody and I both knew the chances of good bass fishing yesterday were low, but getting on the road and experiencing new ground with talented and generous anglers is a big part of my fishing life, and once again it’s thanks to an angler like Jody for being so kind in having me along and sharing such an awesome looking piece of bass ground with me. I went to sleep thinking about those boulders, holes and gullies, and I woke up thinking about them. I shall be back when the conditions are fizzing and then I think I might pass out with the excitement of fishing a place as inspiring as that.