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Do we need the rubbish to appreciate the good ?

I so hope that all of you reading this blog had some of that simply awesome weather over the Easter weekend. Is it just a British thing to be somewhat obsessed with the weather, or is this level of "interest" to be found all over the place ? Much as a part of me would love to see lots and lots of the kind of weather we have been having, I can't help but feel that perhaps it's the rubbish days we often get that allows us to fully appreciate it when a run of such glorious weather comes along. Or once again, is that the stoical Brit in me coming out ? But when England is like it has been recently, there is nowhere I would rather be on this earth...........except for Ireland perhaps, because all the reports I am getting are that it is fishing very, very well for bass at the moment. Check out this blog report here for starters.

I was in the Isle of Wight with my family over Easter, and no fishing gear went with me at all. I know it should have, but these days I have to say that I really appreciate a little bit of time away from all things fishing. Don't get me wrong, I consider myself extremely fortunate to live and breathe fishing as a part of my everyday life, but then I do find myself these days needing that little bit of space away from it. I reckon it helps me think more clearly and also to remain inspired and buzzed up. If you had asked me say ten years ago if I could have ever imagined a situation like this I would have laughed at you, but I guess it's just a natural progression to want to get away from things sometimes. Plus a lot of it very simply boils down to me both wanting to and also getting huge pleasure out of spending time with my family. Hearing my girls laughing and having fun to my ears has to be about the best sound in the world..........

It does seem that this spell of warm and relatively settled weather has really kick started a lot of fishing. Keep an eye on Keith White's blog from Jersey to get a handle on just how successfully those guys fish their stunning waters. I would guess that many anglers still doubt the validity of wrasse being a truly "lure-targetable" species, but you only need to see what these guys are doing to see just how much fun it can be. And I guess that is what it's all about - fun. For all the gear, methods and chat, fishing to me is simply about having a blast, and in whatever way you choose to go about it.

Anyway, back to this weather we have been having. I read that it reached 27°C in London over the weekend - now I can not think of a place that I would less want to spend time in when it gets warm, but I reckon it was close to that on the Isle of Wight on Saturday, and I heard it was not a lot less here in the westcountry. It has been that warm and bright that I am already developing a proper set of panda eyes, and it's only April !! The Brit in me of course worries that this might well be our summer, but I am going to remain hopeful that this recent weather is merely a precursor to a fantastic year............or is that the kiss of death ??!! If we had good weather most of the time then a Bank Holiday weekend like that might not have meant so much to us all. The thrill at wearing shorts and t-shirts and spending so much time on the beach is something I guess will never lessen if you live in the UK and have so much rubbish weather to contend with through the course of a year !! Hopefully the weather will stay decent for the royal wedding. Am I going to watch it ? Nope, not a chance, but I hope they are happy together - who on earth would want to be a royal and have your whole life continually observed and scrutinised like that ? My wife and girls have a load of mates coming around on Friday for a royal wedding bash - time for me to make myself scarce.