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Do you follow many fishing blogs ?

Well I am taking a wild guess here, but I am going to presume that if you are reading this post then you are following my blog !! Some pretty nifty detective work eh ? I remember very well the kind of defining moment that really rammed this stuff home to me and I suppose inspired me to start up a blog on this website. But how many other fishing blogs do you keep an eye on ? I would hope that the links on the right side of this very page are a good starting point for some fishing and indeed non-fishing blogs to peruse, but I thought it might be a bit of fun to highlight a few of the ones that I have come across recently. It's great that there are more and more fishing blogs popping up all over the place, and whilst I respect the hell out of people who keep them regularly updated with interesting stuff, I also recognise that keeping a blog going takes a bit of work. Some seem to fall by the wayside and just don't get updated enough...............

I came across this blog "RC Fishing" only a while back, and it's run by a mad keen angler from Turkey who has also spent a lot of time over in the USA. You can tell straight away that he has got a serious problem with nice shiny fishing tackle (a problem that none of us have here of course, and especially not me !!), and considering that most photographs of lures that anglers take seem to be on the "could get better side", this guy is putting up some good images, plus lots of fishing related news etc. Very much worth checking out and keeping a close eye on if you ask me.

Only the other day I came across this fantastic blog from some bass anglers over in Holland - it's called "Labrax Squad", and it came to my attention because the guy who runs it kindly asked me if I would mind him taking a screen grab off my blog and linking to my Gear of the Year posts from the other day. Now I am big into good manners, and if somebody is good enough to contact me and ask permission to use a photo etc. then I am of course going to think far more positively about it than if my stuff is simply taken and used without permission. Good manners cost nothing if you ask me. That aside, this "Labrax Squad" blog looks like it is shaping up to be something very cool. One thing I find confusing though is the way it is laid out across instead of sequentially down the page, but that might just be me getting older !!

Keep an eye on the new blog "Lure Games UK". I believe it was inspired by a visit late last year that a few lure nuts made over to a fishing competition in France. I like the fact that they are very much into the whole fun side of lure fishing, and that perhaps is a fact that we can all forget about from time to time when stuff goes and gets all technical. I believe that we all go fishing for the principal reason that we love it, so I am looking forward to seeing how this blog develops over time with that very ethos.

What was your favourite Xmas present ? (shameless plug coming by the way). Shameless plugging aside, how could I not be bowled over by getting the brand new blu ray of my brothers' latest film "A Lonely Place to Die" ? How often does being given a present actually make you immensely proud and happy at the same time ? Check out a great review of the film/blu ray here, and then take yourself over to a site like Amazon and buy a great British film - right here. If you do buy this film (and please do), then make sure to check out the extras - the Making Of is awesome, but the short 15 minute film of my brother Julian climbing last year in the Alps quite frankly scares the life out of me. I am fine with scrambling down cliffs, and for a time I was pretty happy doing a few daft things to get to fishing spots (perhaps having kids changes how far we will push things ?), but watch that insane short film and see how mad real climbing can get. Oh, and if you have a blu ray player, the transfer and sound for the film is just incredible. Did I say that I was a little bit proud ??!!