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Do you get as excited as I do when you catch your first bass on a brand new lure?

I’m a grown man with two kids. I have a mortgage, I pay taxes, I mostly remember to insure and tax my car (stop giggling Mark and Steve), and I can pretend to be relatively grownup when needs be. But what the hell is it about catching your first bass on a brand new lure? Do you sometimes come across a new lure which for some reason speaks to you, and you then start imagining where and how it might work and by the time you’ve calmed yourself down you have mentally caught a heap of 10lb+ bass and also saved the world at the same time. And the excitement levels when you actually catch your first bass on the new lure? Any grown up man stuff flies right out of the window, put it that way………..

Now of course I have got excited about various hard and soft lures in the past yet found over time that some just don’t end up working for me as I hoped they might, but my interest was pricked the moment I saw the video above on the new IMA Rocket Bait 95S (sinking). And yes, because I am obsessed with their Skimmer, my first thought on seeing the video was “underwater Skimmer with a weird shaped bib”, but it wasn’t until some kind soul sent me one of these new lures out of the blue that I got to see one in the flesh (here). Crumbs. It’s only 95mm long yet it weighs 22g, and it frigging flies. I thought that perhaps the large bib might prevent this Rocket Bait 95S from casting really well, but this isn’t the case at all. This thing is a casting machine. The swimming depth says 5-100cm on the packet, and whilst the lure sinks like a stone if you let it, I am finding that a slow to medium kind of retrieve brings it up to just below the surface where it swims head-up whilst the whole lure seems to almost shimmer/vibrate very intensely but subtly. Yes, this sort of thing gets me excited.

So I was out fishing the other day and my mate Mark landed a bass or two which of course proved that there were some fish around. On goes the new lure, and it ain’t coming off until I catch on it. Which I do, and pretty promptly in fact. A long cast enabled me to cover a big rock out in the middle of some mainly sandy ground, and the bass hit me right behind the structure where you would visualise a predator might like to hunt. Now if this particular bass weighed over the 1lb mark that might be generous, but there I was literally dancing for joy on a slippery rock because I had gone and caught my first bass on a brand new lure. Mark spends enough time around me and I am sure wonders what on earth goes on in my head at times, but when he turned around to see a grown man (me) literally dancing up and down with excitement at the capture of such a little fish, he could have been entirely forgiven for running away.

I’d have loved it if that particular bass had been a big fish, but for whatever reason the bass we hope to see at this time of year haven’t materialised yet. Whether this is down to conditions preventing us from fishing the specific spots where we tend to see better fish right about now or because that stamp of fish simply haven’t come in yet I don’t know, but because I love messing around with fishing gear I’ll more than gladly take that one little bass on my brand new IMA Rocket Bait 95S. Time will tell on whether this new lure is going to turn into one of those lures that never leaves my box, but I like what it does and at least it’s caught me a fish, hence this then gives me confidence to keep on trying it out. I know that I’ve seen a lure a bit like this a few years ago, but for the life of me I can’t remember what it was. Could it have been a Tackle House lure? Anyway, you all have a good weekend, and I hope your local conditions might allow you to get out fishing.