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Do you want to know all about ultra light lure fishing (LRF) ?

LRF (light rock fish), ultra light lure fishing, call it what you will, but it seems that scaling right down and targeting all manner of species of fish with very light lure fishing gear is really starting to catch on. And why not ? Fishing is fishing, it's as simple as that. If you want to know all about it and get a serious head's up on how to actually do it, then I know of no better way than to read the second instalment of the "Rockfish Files" - check here for Issue 2, called "Light Rock Fish". You will find 235 pages of info from the UK, Channel Islands, Japan, Italy and even South Africa - what can be caught on ultra light lure tactics is just mind-blowing !! Where on earth is all this going ? Who knows, but it's exciting times to be involved in saltwater fishing.

As with Issue 1 (check here), a huge amount of credit must go to the guys behind Jersey Bass Guides - Keith and Kevin White are helping drive northern European lure fishing on and upwards, and I personally reckon that they deserve a collective pat on the back for how they have gone about challenging so much in saltwater fishing. One thing I do not get involved in is any kind of fishing politics, and I have no time for any back and forth rubbish that this wonderful sport can sadly produce at times. If an angler deserves a bit of credit, let's give it to them and be happy that there are guys out there who are prepared to push boundaries............

I went into Ben Field's new(ish) "The Art of Fishing" tackle shop over in St. Merryn in north Cornwall yesterday. Wow !! This shop is one serious Aladdin's cave of lure fishing gear, and Ben is going out of his way to offer his customers as much quality and also different lure fishing gear possible. I headed over there to photograph and try out a couple of his new Nories lure rods from Japan. Another big time wow to these high-end rods. It was all I could do to put them down and actually take the photographs that I needed to get. Not cheap, but then the best stuff never is - the two rods I was playing around with yesterday are here and here (forget that they are called "Flatfish" rods, and remember that they come from Japan - they are perfect for "our" bass fishing). The Nories Rough Surf 88 especially was exactly the kind of rod I would be more than happy to fish for bass with all manner of both hard and soft lures. What a couple of rods.

I have just begun to test out a new pair of breathable chest waders that I am hoping might be really good for lure fishing. The only thing is though that they are not actually chest waders as such , but they work like lightweight chest waders if that makes sense. Initial impressions are really good, but I want to get them out as much as possible to see if they suit all the kinds of things I do. Breathable chest waders from the fly fishing market do work really well for a lot of our saltwater fishing, indeed I can never work out why more sea anglers don't wear them as a matter of course, but logic says that there have to be other products out there that might work as well or perhaps better.............?

I had a very interesting phone call yesterday afternoon, and you can check out the stuff I was discussing right here on Keith's latest blog post. The fact that such a good and well-respected UK rod company is actually looking at getting involved with making such specialist lure rods is potentially some very exciting news. I can not wait to see these rods. More to come I am sure. The world of saltwater fishing is changing. Bring it on........