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Do you want to work for Hardy & Greys Ltd. ?

I don't believe that cut and dried opportunities to work around sea fishing come up that many times, but this is one of them - Hardy & Greys Ltd. are looking for a "New Product Manager - Sea Category (shore and boat fishing)", and they have asked me to put this up on my blog to try and help them get a look at a wide range of candidates. Boys and girls, if you are reading this blog and fancy a go at working in fishing, then this might well be it.......

First off, you need to know that there is no point applying if you would not be able to relocate up to Alnwick in Northumberland, where Hardy & Greys are based. But if you can, and if you reckon you have what it takes to work as a "Product Manager" for one of the best UK fishing tackle companies, then please go for it. This is how you go about applying :

Please forward your application and CV to :

Dave Douglas (HR Director)

Hardy & Greys Ltd.




NE66 2PF

or email :


That's it. Nice and simple. Please don't go emailing anything to me. Here are some of the things that the successful applicant would be expected to achieve :

"The candidate will be responsible for developing the range architecture, new product plans and specifications for the complete sea range. Working closely with product marketing, purchasing and our global supply base, you will have the opportunity to stamp your own vision on the sea fishing equipment demanded by anglers in this category. A strong team player, with excellent communication skills, you will need to engage with some of the industry's best known sea angling consultants, magazines and retail customers."

Sounds pretty damned good I reckon. Take it from me that Hardy & Greys is a great company with some fantastic people working up there, and the fact that this person could have so much to do with the future of sea fishing within the company is one hell of an opportunity to be able to actually do something that is really tangible. If any of you do apply from reading this blog, I wish you all the luck there is in securing this unique job.

I hope you all had a good Easter break, and that somewhere there were some tidy fish jumping on the end of your collective lines. I was with my family for a few days and it could not have been more fun. It's amazing how hectic life gets, and the chance to kick back and just take it a bit easier and spend time with family is for me about as good as it can get. My girls (wife, two daughters, Jess the sheepdog) are the principal reason for me doing what I do, but however much I love my job and my fishing, there ain't nothing that compares to just being with them all.

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