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Does a bad start mean a good finish ?

I know it makes virtually no sense, and of course nature pays no heed to what it's thrown at us in the past, but do you ever find yourself ever pondering (daft) things along the lines of ok, so we had those awful nine weeks of freezing cold N/NE winds that set the fishing back by who really knows how much - does that then mean we get a really good fishing end to the year ? Does nature work like that ? Of course she doesn't..................

But we've had six terrible summers and this one happens to have been a cracker. We had that stupid start to the year and although we had virtually no spring to speak of, along came what has been the most magical summer. I remember the start of the bad summer run because I was in the south east of Ireland and the estuary we were trying to fish was blown out with freshwater - in July. I accept completely that a fine summer for some means some tougher fishing, but personally I'll take a good summer any day of the week. I have never seen my girls looking so tanned and healthy, indeed I can't remember the last time they watched any TV before going upstairs to bed. It's been outdoors all the time and we've just had a week of seven evening barbecues in a row - beat that !!

Holy cow the world is a changing !! Here's a photo from my iPhone, and yes, don't laugh because it's no laughing matter. Nick wanted to have a go with my 9' Argento Nuovo so we went down to the river after supper and it turned out to be the most awesome sunset - and I didn't have my "real" camera with me. It's breaking me how awesome the light was, but on the other hand I suppose that at least I had some kind of "camera" (phone) with me to get a few snaps. Oh, and our dogs like tracking surface lures !!

Yet still my brain keeps on trying to apply a degree of human logic to something (nature) that is so obviously completely out of our control. You hear all sorts of reasons for whatever the weather but to me it's pretty obvious that with all our technological resources, we are still clutching at straws when it comes to understanding what goes on, and I find some reassurance in that. But for all I know that nature is hardly looking at us and thinking hang on, these little people things deserve a break, a part of me will forever wonder what really goes on. And nope, it's nothing to do with religion or drugs because I'm not into either.

It took a long time for any meaningful saltwater fishing to get going with that start to the year we had, and I firmly believe that we ain't really got a clue as to how much a cold spell like that affects the rest of the year, but from what I hear and read it seems that there is some pretty good fishing going on all over the place. Does that bad start to the year mean in any way that we then get a good end ? Does it work that the fish we should have been seeing but didn't then flock in all the more numerous because they themselves were delayed in doing what they wanted to do ?

I wish I knew, I really do, but then surely a big part of why we are so into fishing is because there will always be that don't know element. A part of me is also starting to wonder if for whatever reasons that the behaviour of bass is starting to change a bit, or is that in fact we as anglers opening up more and more and starting to realise that there's a lot more to this ? I refer again to my needing to learn more about my local estuaries and such waterways, because at the moment for example I am hearing of some pretty poor open coast fishing around where I live yet reports keep coming in of some increasingly good bass fishing up some of the estuaries, plus of more anglers doing more lure fishing at night for example and catching good fish.

Yes, another iPhone photo.

Sure, the open coast will switch on again I have no doubt as we creep headlong into autumn and the winds start to swing and freshen (hopefully a lot from the S and SW instead of those infernal NW winds that I am utterly convinced we get more of than we used to), and a part of me wonders how good it might end up being - because we might well get that crescendo of fishing towards the end of the year to make up for the rubbish start. Or we might well not of course because nature does what she wants !!

A part of me wants it all to be logical because I am a human being and it's how we are wired, but I can't help finding it comforting that as anglers we are bound by forces we can't ever comprehend, and one has to worry what on earth it would be like if such things as the weather and fish behaviour were controlled by so called human logic anyway. Already we are making a pretty good fist of emptying the oceans to help feed a population already so large that surely we are going to run out of room and resources eventually, but still that little bit of my head wonders if nature ain't occasionally giving us a bit of a break and levelling the odd thing out.........................

Monday Morning Metal Madness - The daddy of death metal bands, Death. The band after which a whole sub-genre of music was named. Hell, one of the first two death metal albums I ever bought all those years ago was by Death. What a name for a band - does what it says on the tin, although as a band they progressed way beyond their origins. I saw them tour the album "Human" when I was a wee nipper. I always wonder where Death might have gone had their lead guitarist/vocalist not died too young, but here's one of their later tracks that just does it for me in a major way.

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