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Does fishing get much better than this ?

Del and I got out yesterday afternoon for a crack at the local pollack population, and I knew it might just go ok when I caught one on my first cast !! Honestly, it has got to be one of the best places there is to come pollack fishing from the shore. We fished the last few hours of the flood tide and nailed fish after fish, with loads around 4 to 5lbs, and a few bigger fish from time to time.

The sea conditions were right on the edge for where we wanted to fish, but we had to go for it - we went to a mark we filmed at once a few years ago, in fact Del reckons not one person has either been out there or fished it since we were last there. How's that for fishing pressure ?

Here's Del with a nice pollack I landed, around 6lbs I reckon, and it hit me within say fifteen turns of the reel handle from the lead hitting the bottom. We were deep spinning with 4oz leads, running ledgers and a variety of soft plastic worms and small shads. Proper deep water - regular spinning rods don't cut it for where we were fishing. At one point we are catching a pollack every single cast. I love this kind of fishing just as much as I ever did, indeed I can't see how it is possible for fishing to get more exciting than this.

This was the best fish of the session - Del nailed this one, and it weighed 7lb 10oz, which in anybody's book is a fantastic shore pollack. They have had double figure fish from this particular spot, and then bear in mind how regularly it is actually fished. How big could they be down there ? I still reckon the Isles of Scilly offer some of the best and most unspoilt shore fishing there is, and every time I come here I am just amazed that so few locals sport fish, and also that so relatively few shore anglers make the trek out here from the mainland. Come on the ferry and you can bring all the fishing gear you could possibly need, and I know Del is always up for pointing people in the right direction to go and smash a few fish. It's been far too long since I have been out here myself.

Perfect fishing in my mind - Del hooked up into another crash diving pollack as we begin to lose the light. Things worked out perfectly yesterday. My wife and I went over to Tresco in the morning and the weather was stunning. We went for a bit of a walk and then she went to have a look at the gardens and I went for a proper yomp with Jess around the north point of the island. What a beautiful place, but then the whole Isles of Scilly is off the scale pretty anyway. A great pub lunch sitting outside in the sunshine with my wife, jump on a boat back to St. Mary's, grab a bit of fishing gear and my cameras, and then off down to the rocks with Del. If a Sunday can get any better than that then I would be amazed. Back home this afternoon and I can't wait to see the girls. What an awesome few days. What a place.