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Does it amaze you how different each year is?

You can have all the lures, rods, reels, braids and as much knowledge about where to fish and when as you have amassed, yet nature continues to do its own thing and teach us every single year that every single year is different. However much we go back over our records and plan for say bass fishing on the lures to kick off again on a specific set of tides or something like that, I love how at times we are reduced almost to beginners in our quest to beat nature at her own game. In 2015 things suddenly kicked off around here in south east Cornwall around the middle of April, but here we are towards the end of May and aside from a few catches of decent fish we are still waiting for the bass fishing kick off properly……...

Whitsand Bay is full of May bloom and has been for a couple of weeks now. It’ll disappear sometime soon, but wow are some of us tearing our hair out! We didn’t get it last year so you can’t help but sort of stupidly assume that perhaps we weren’t going to get it this year either. But no, nature has other ideas, and nature does what nature does. We try to move to her rhythms and we continue to look to all manner of weather forecasts and hope for “ideal conditions”, yet at the end of the day we are merely human beings doing our best to outwit something that I have always believed retains the upper hand however much we think we might know. And I love that. We will never be bigger than fishing or nature however hard we try.

How has it been for you so far this year? I had a good few days in Ireland when we caught a lot more bass than we thought we might with the forecast, so yet again it proves to me that it’s far too easy to write things off because of past experiences. I do it and I am sure most of you here have written off certain conditions, but I am pretty sure bass aren’t coming close inshore to satisfy our urge to try and catch them. Nope, I am pretty sure they are there to feed, and to feed they need food. We strive to learn all we can about bass fishing, but do we spend anywhere near enough time on learning when certain food sources are available for the predators we might fish for?

I am still having almost unnatural feelings towards the khaki glitter Black Minnow. Yes, I am obsessed!

I am still having almost unnatural feelings towards the khaki glitter Black Minnow. Yes, I am obsessed!

You might have gathered that the fishing so far this year has thrown up a lot of questions for me, and you would be right. I know what I know and I do all I can to learn as much as possible as I go along, but there are plenty of anglers out there with a whackload more knowledge about it all than I will ever have. Do those anglers have questions that they simply don’t know the answers to when each year comes along and plays with your expectations? Of course I know it’s unrealistic to expect each year to behave in some sort of uniform manner, but if you really stop and think about it, do we really know what happens from year to year? I’ve got a thousand theories about the slow start, but am I anywhere close to the truth? We are anglers and when the fishing suddenly fires we forget all about the tough times. We are endless optimists and we hope for those occasions when everything comes together in what we feel is a perfect way. Doesn’t it amaze you how different things are year on year?