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Does this obsession ever get any easier? Currently it’s metal lures and longer, more powerful lure rods……….

Here’s a bit of free advice for you - if you are currently a die hard bait angler but are just starting to dabble in this world of saltwater lure fishing, stop right now. Do yourself a big favour and put the lure gear down, get back to the rods in tripods, and I guarantee you won’t end up like me - a 45 year old “grown up?” father of two “more mature than me” girls who has been fishing since I was seven years old but because of lure fishing for bass especially I am more obsessed and consumed than I ever was, and it just doesn’t seem to be getting any better…………


It goes without saying that going fishing is about catching fish, but for me it’s always been the whole thing that fascinates me - the why, the where, the how, and of course the unknowns that some experts seem to know but the rest of mortals don’t and seem happy to accept that we’re never going to get that consistent one up over nature. Damn we try our best though, and yet again I come back to how could I possibly have ever known how eternally varied and fascinating this whole lure fishing thing could be?

And it’s an obsession, plain and simple. It’s also an obsession that continues to get worse the more I get into it, and just when I think that’s surely it and I’m kinda comfortable with moving around and at least making a half-decent fist at trying to catch bass from a bunch of different locations and conditions, along comes another side to it all that for whatever reason I simply don’t understand starts to creep up on me until it’s consuming me like I suppose a casino might consume a gambling addict.


You all know that surf fishing for bass is as old as the hills, indeed my basic knowledge of UK and Irish bass fishing history is based around those (black and white) days of standing in a tumbling surf with a bait rod in hand. I guess also that chucking various lures out in these conditions has been around as long as anglers have sport fished for bass. I have done a fair bit of bait based surf fishing for bass thanks largely to a kind soul in south east Ireland when I first really started getting into it all, and I have done a bit of chucking lures out into surf conditions as well.

If there is one thing that I have realised with this whole lure fishing, it’s that at various times in the learning curve that we are all on, a certain style as such will for some reason begin to resonate that bit more - and you then begin to obsess about it. It may be opening up to soft plastics or night fishing, or it could be bumping lures down an estuary etc., but for me at the moment it’s this whole banging lures out into surf conditions that is consuming my thoughts. Obviously I continue to fish for bass as much as I can with whatever techniques and methods the locations and conditions dictate, but for whatever reasons I can’t explain I currently wake up thinking about longer, more powerful lure rods and different metal lures especially that want to be launched out there into a tumbling mass of fizzed up white water where the bass fight like they are on steroids and you can’t help but literally shake with excitement because fishing like this is so damn exciting.

Ragot Hareng 35g metal lure

Ragot Hareng 35g metal lure

Metal lures are of course nothing remotely new, but now go looking deep into it and there as many and varied metals out there as hard lures for sure. I am currently fishing with the best 9’ and 9’6’’ lure rods I have ever used, yet I am actively looking at lure rods around 9’6’’ to say 10’6’’ that are rated to around the 50g mark for banging some of those metals out, plus of course whatever other types of bass lure that might work in a bit of surf and/or when it might just pay off to reach the bit of water that your regular lures simply can’t. Does it ever get any easier?

Williamson 40g Thunder Jig rigged with a VMC single hook

Williamson 40g Thunder Jig rigged with a VMC single hook