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Doesn't matter where you go fishing

Home or away it makes not a bit of difference, because when the weather and conditions conspire against you there ain't a damn thing you can do about it - and are we getting kicked out here in the US or what !! It's a risk I take when going on a photo job that of course fishing can and also cannot fire, but the shame of it is here in NW Florida is that when it does fish well it sounds like it's some of the best flats fishing for tarpon anywhere on earth.............

The fish are going to migrate through here in scary numbers sometime soon, but unless our last day today coincides with the real start of it then some lucky visiting anglers are going to get their arms ripped off with the amount of fish they get to cast at. There were a few tarpon moving around yesterday, but the light was so bad that all the glare on the surface means that you can't see the fish in time and before you know it the tarpon is almost at the boat and you can't lead it with the fly.

What can do you apart from cry and stamp your feet ? Not a damn thing. A couple of the lads spent a bit of time yesterday morning smashing a bunch of speckled trout, bluefish and even a decent stingray, but this is a tarpon trip and it simply ain't happening. I love the sound of how the locals head offshore sometimes and chum up amberjack off the wrecks that you can then sight fish to, but that perhaps is for another time. "Wreck donkeys" as they are sometimes called are one of the most downright scarily powerful fish I have ever had the "pleasure" (misfortune ?) to hook, and the thought of say a 40lb amberjack on the fly or even a lightish spinning outfit quite frankly fries my brain.

This is always the risk you take when you go fishing or photographing abroad and it's a part of my work that I must factor in stuff like this. Frustrating ? You bet, and of course our last day today might well give the lads some decent shots at the tarpon, but I do feel for these guys travelling all this way after so much anticipation and excitement and then getting kicked in the teeth by good old mother nature. You watch the You Tube videos, you read around, you hear all the stories from the guides about how good it normally is, but then you get stamped on by the weather and the fish movements and there ain't a thing you can do.

Anyway, one more day at it and then we make our way back to Atlanta tomorrow for a flight that lands at Heathrow around midday on Wednesday. Emails from my wife have been telling me of some simply stunning weather back home and I've been checking my local beach's webcam every morning when I wake up here. Wow !! Pants for bass fishing I am sure, but summer weather in the UK is pretty special is it not ? Sitting here in the US while a tropical storm lashes through felt somewhat surreal as you lot back home basked in glorious sunshine. The lads are still fast asleep here so I'll get another cup of coffee in and sort my camera gear ready for the day ahead........................

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