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Doing a book launch in London on Thurs evening

OK, the term "book launch" may be a little on the grand side, but this Thursday evening starting at 6pm at Grangers fishing tackle shop in London (South Kensington) I will be giving a short talk/photo presentation based around this new fishing book of mine that came out the other day. Hang on, you didn't know I had a new fishing book out ? Well, let me unashamedly plug the fact for you - look here for starters and then think about how this mighty tome might make the perfect Xmas present - and yes, it's nearly that time of year once again. You start off in January thinking that it's ages until Xmas and then suddenly the you start seeing all these gloriously naff Xmas lights going up all over the place and lo and behold it's that time of year again. Sorry, a Monday morning tangent there........

Anyway, this "book launch" - me and London don't sit that well together (no sea, no beach, no rocks, far too many people), but even I have to admit that it's a good place to do this, and the kind people at Aardvark McLeod and Grangers fishing tackle shop in South Kensington have organised this event with the help of my publishers (always sounds rather grand don't you think - "my publishers", as if they publish nothing but my book !!). If you are anywhere near this part of the world at 6pm this very Thursday then please come along and make sure that I don't end up plugging my laptop into the screen and talking to me and myself only. I heard a wild rumour that the new book will even be on sale at this event, and that this bloke called Henry Gilbey will even sign a copy for you if you wave it in front of him and prove that you've been assisting in his "retire to Ireland and fish his socks off while his wife continues to work" fund. The fact that this bloke's scrawl in the book could actually lower the value of it is beside the point, but let's make sure that Henry doesn't end up selling books to himself. Hope to see some of you there.............

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