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Dorset Fishing Rods (DFR) custom built 8'6'' 8-28g rod review - fancy winning it?

Compared to when I last fished with one of Richard Cake's Dorset Fishing Rod's (DFR) lure rods, I feel far better placed these days to understand what a rod like this is meant to be doing. I will make this easy for myself here and simply tell you that this 8'6'' 8-28g lure rod is a gem, because the point here is that if you went for this rod yourself, you are going to be looking for a custom built fishing rod that revolves around a blank that I happen to think is just about ideal for the way that so many of lure fish for bass.

Based on a Japanese T-Russell Super SeaBass-M blank that is made by the Matagi people that Richard uses for a lot his rod building components, this lure rod is the kind of thing that I go for big time - I like the length of it, the casting range suits me down to the ground, and I like the "Japanese kind of feel" to the rod when I am casting and retrieving with the various methods I might employ. And yes, the rod will chuck the Xorus Patchinko, but I rarely think you are getting the best out of a specialist rod like this if you spend the whole time chucking "big" lures that are right at the top end of the casting rating. It will do it, and it does it just fine, but drop down a bit in weight of lure and the rod really comes alive. This is one easy and efficient rod to lure fish with.

Now this rod was not built to my specs, indeed Richard was kind enough to lend me the thing to fish with and then give away here on this blog. How cool is that? We're talking over £300 worth of custom built fishing rod that one of you lucky people could win - and yes, as I alluded to a while back, I like this DFR 8'6'' 8-28g rod that much that I have considered holding a competition but "inventing" the winner (me!!). Don't worry though, because I could not look Richard straight in the face if I behaved so badly!! Wow it's tempting though...........

I seriously dig these ultra light Pacific Bay guides that Richard likes to use on his rods, although of course it's the choice of the customer what he has on a rod. If you are going to go down the custom built road, then it would be daft not to really discuss things with the person who is going to build your rod and has so much experience of this stuff. OK, so if you win this particular rod then you don't get to decide on all this stuff, but at the end of the day you're in with a shout at getting an absolute peach of a rod for nowt. My thanks to Richard for letting me do this.

How might you win this rod? Please, please read these entry requirements carefully, because like you I am a busy person and I don't have the time to reply to people who can't get it right. Let's go with photography here, and the theme is "Make bass fishing look awesome" - send me your best bass fishing shots, but please, no grip and grins (angler plus fish). I need to shoot grip and grins for magazines, but it's the action shots that float my boat the most. Angler(s) in their environment, doing their thing, that's what I want to see. I don't care how big a bass you might have a photo of, because I don't want to see it - I might for a future competition, but not here. Please follow these instructions below and good luck. I will pick the winner in a while and post the winning entry on the blog :

Send me an email using this address here, subject to be "DFR lure rod competition" - pretty easy so far?

Attach your photo to the email - one photo per person only please, and you can only enter once. Your email must contain your name and full postal address. If it doesn't? I hit the delete button. Yes, I know there are a million different ways to send photos these days, but the easiest way for me to keep track of them for a competition is when they are attached to emails.

Photo to be no more than 640 pixels on the longest side (same size as the photos I put up on this blog) - landscape or portrait format, it's up to you. If you can't resize a photo and try sending me massive files, I'll delete it and won't even look at it. I assure you that all photos will be deleted off my system after the winner is announced, and by entering it means that you are ok with me posting the winning entry on this blog, plus any others that should be seen.

Anything that is out of focus, badly exposed, dodgy HDR/silly filters stuff, wonky horizon, just plain crap etc. will of course stand no chance of winning. Come on, let's see some of you make bass fishing look awesome - lure, fly, boat, shore, I don't care, just make me want to be in that photo.

I don't care what camera you shoot, although of course I need a digital image as the email attachment. Hell, as much as I despise my iPhone as a camera, there's nothing to say that an iPhone photo isn't going to win this competition. 640 pixels longest side gives anybody a decent chance.

One important thing - the winner must be prepared to ship the rod to them at their expense, or arrange to meet me somewhere close to Torpoint in south east Cornwall and pick it up. For shipping I will package the rod up in a tube and address it to you, but you will need to pay for a courier pickup or correspond with me to pick it up yourself. Go for it and good luck. Thanks Richard, and it's not going to be easy letting go of this fishing rod!! Winner to be announced within a couple of weeks.