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Dropshotting for bass from the shore ?

Have any of you fished for bass like this and had success ? If you don't know what dropshotting is then have a look at this link here which will help explain it - I have never used it myself but I keep on thinking that even with my limited knowledge of what it actually is that it has to be something worth playing around with. Because of what it is I kind of presume it's a given that it will work when chasing wrasse with soft plastics, but how about for bass from the shore when dropshotting seems to be a method best suited to the boat when you can get straight up/straight down on the lure and retain the most control ?

I see dropshotting as a lure based variation on the fixed paternoster rig I used to use for some of my bait fishing, and especially for mullet, although the dropshot rig has no hooklength to tangle up and from what I can see it seems to be a very controllable way of fishing soft plastics very subtly in specific areas - which then gets me thinking about a few places I fish for bass and whether this method would work. My head works like that with fishing, in that when I think about techniques or lures, I then start thinking about bass marks I know and how I might go at it a bit differently. And yes, like you I am somewhat looking forward to things warming up and the fishing kicking into gear !!

But "traditional" dropshotting aside, I have been thinking that perhaps it might be a method that could help me solve a few problems we face from time to time on some marks. If you had asked me ten years ago whether I could ever imagine myself literally "trotting" or "Czech-nymphing" soft plastic lures along the bottom in the current of say an estuary for bass I would have laughed, but it can be deadly - there can sometimes be a problem though and it's weed.

A part of the reason that soft lures like the Black Minnow so appeal to me is not in fact just their action - what often does it for me with a lure like this is the fact that it fishes that bit more weedless than a standard jig head with the hook point sticking out. Nothing I am aware of could be classed as perfect when there is a lot weed around, but a "weedless" set up can and does help you get more "cleaner" runs through.

There are various "weedless" solutions around, but when there are plenty of small bits of weed hanging around on the bottom then you tend to just hope that you're going to get the odd clear run through whatever you are using - and sometimes this is all you need because you then hook a fish - which then gets me thinking along the lines of could I catch more if I could increase the chances of not getting weed over my lure/hook ?

From my understanding dropshotting is not really designed for "trotting" plastics in the current - but because you can get that lure/hook up off the bottom yet still actually fish it close to the bottom, does this then mean you can lessen weed problems ? Weed on the weight matters not a bit if your lure and hook stay clean, but have any of you done this and had any success ? Plus you get the ability to fish specific areas with a lot of control if the lead you use holds the bottom. I don't know, maybe it's just me and my head suffering a bit of cabin fever, but I have been thinking about dropshotting for a while now and I suppose what I need to do is to get out there and give it a go. Give me a couple of sessions with it and I'll be an expert of course !! Sorry............

My sincere thanks for all the kind feedback in reaction to my blog post from Monday. With all the comments and traffic it does make me think that perhaps I should just continue to write about fictitious fishing trips and fishing tackle and we could all just imagine we were catching all those fish and making ourselves feel a whole lot better, but on reflection I think I shall stay based in the real world and instead extend my thanks to you. It means the world to me that people get something from this blog and it's the reason why I keep doing it - and because of waking up early with buzzing brain syndrome so often.