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Easter weather

After spending Easter last year mainly on the beach in some of the warmest weather of the year, this blast of strong, cold winds and icy rain is a bit of a shock. I would imagine that the hordes of people heading to the westcountry this weekend are coming armed with fleeces and hats rather than shorts and suncream. Above is a photo of some rough seas on the wild and rugged coast of North Cornwall, a place I have loved all my life.

If any of you have seen Simms catalogues and adverts over the last few years, I am sure you will have been struck by the very distinctive style of photography that was used. I certainly was and a lot of it looks simply fantastic. Check out a load of very cool images by the photographer who did the Simms work, see some collections of his here and here. He is called Tibor (great name) Nemeth. Some fishing really lends itself to a black and white or a desaturated, moody look, something that I have never really played around with. But this outstanding photography certainly inspires one to go out and try......

I have finally sorted out exact times and flights for this Montana fly fishing photography trip that Nick Hart and I are going on in June, and both of us are ridiculously overexcited about heading out to the American west. We are off in mid June for a week, flying out of London into Denver, then onto Bozeman - easy journey, we will be there in a day. I simply can not wait to get my first glimpse of Montana. All this has been arranged through the fly fishing travel specialists Aardvark McLeod. Bring it on.

Have a good Easter break, don't freeze the proverbials off outside.

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