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Exeter tonight - the RISE fly fishing film festival

I am heading to Exeter early this evening to go and see the awesome RISE fly fishing film festival (check here) - are any of you guys going ? Hope to see some of you there. I can take a couple of people up from Plymouth if anybody is looking for a lift, but you will need to email me before midday today (see the Contact Me page on this website). I can't think of a better way to cast off this grey gloom brought on by this filthy weather than to sit down and watch some outstanding short fishing films that have been made by people with real passion.

The show starts at the Exeter Vue Cinema at 7.30pm (see here for details), and for those of you with a sat nav, the postcode is EX1 2DD. Tickets are £15, and you can book them in advance here. I just like seeing any kind of fishing done really well, and I still reckon it is rare to see short films or TV programmes about fishing that can really get you going from both a visual and an excitement point of view. I know that the DVD of "The Source - Tasmania" will be on sale at the show, plus a load of other bits and pieces. Fishing and the internet together combine to make it a truly accessible and global thing, and we should be supporting those people who strive to do something a bit different. Imagine if we all did the same thing all the time........

Here's another photo of that IMA Sasuke 140 lure that I was talking about the other day - I have always believed that my strength in photography lies outdoors, but so many of these lures look so good before they become battered and bruised with extended use. Hence me taking some "controlled" shots under lights of a bunch of different bass lures. As with photographing a fish, I make sure to focus on the "eye" of the lure as this is always the point that our own eyes are naturally drawn towards when we first look at the photo. My close up stuff is done with various lights and reflectors, but I have a lot to keep on learning about it - the most useful thing is a decent macro (close up) lens, and these days I am using the awesome Nikon 105mm f2.8VR macro lens attached to my Nikon D3 cameras. The quality of these images at full size is insane. Check out these IMA lures right here. Is it wrong to love your lures ?

Can anybody remember such a sustained period of relentless strong winds ? I can't. It wasn't long ago that we had a couple of winters down here without a decent storm, but the last couple of weeks here in the south west have been just off the scale in terms of sustained wind strengths. It's howling again this morning, and the forecast for the next few days is lively to say the least. The chances of me getting out to play with some new bass lures before I head over to Ireland in early December seems somewhat remote.

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