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Fancy a completely free, one year subscription to Surfcaster’s Journal, one of the great online fishing magazines?

I defy you not to read the outstanding Surfcaster’s Journal magazine and firstly not find anything that you can apply to your own UK and Irish bass fishing, and secondly start harboring serious thoughts about emigrating to the east coast of the US and fishing for striped bass for the rest of your life. I am sure that many of you here have come across this outstanding publication over the last few years, and if you haven’t, then you really should be reading it………….

So it’s my profound thanks to one of the guys who puts this online magazine together for kindly offering us lure nuts here in the UK a year’s free subscription to Surfcaster’s Journal - no strings attached, there’s absolutely no kickback to me for blogging about this, and it’s really very simple. Go to this sign in page here, use the code SJGILBEY17, and away you go. How about that for a great start to the working week? Striped bass are awesome, Surfcaster’s Journal is a fantastic magazine, it’s fascinating how they do their thing over there, there’s loads of video content as well, there’s plenty that makes sense our side of the pond, and it’s free for a year. What’s not to like?