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Fancy coming on a guided bass/lure fishing trip in Ireland this July?

If there is one thing I absolutely cannot wait to do this year, it’s to get back over to Kerry in SW Ireland and do some more of this co-guiding work I do with John Quinlan of the rather excellent Thatch Cottage Ireland setup. I know it’s work and some people don’t like their work at all, but I do, and I can’t help it - I love this stuff. Working with John and helping anglers catch a few fish, learn a bit about lure fishing, and quite simply have a good holiday is such a buzz………

And we have got a few places available this July. I like that time of year in Kerry because you’ve got a good chance at everything - bass of course, and this is the species we spend the most time chasing, but you’ve also got what can be some ridiculously good pollack fishing from shore and boat, sight fishing to mullet if the conditions are right, and salmon on the river if we get the right water levels, etc. These trips are not about heaps of monster bass crawling up the line, rather it’s the whole experience of fishing hard in a special place, hopefully learning a bit, having a hell of a giggle, eating plenty of good food, and catching a bunch of fish on lure gear with other likeminded anglers. If the idea of this floats your boat then please contact me and we can get things moving. There’s plenty more info and contact details on the Guiding page at the top as well.

The two July trips we are running this year are as follows:

Trip 1

Tuesday 4th July - arrive at Thatch Cottage

Fishing - Weds 5th, Thurs 6th, Friday 7th, Sat 8th

Sun 9th July - depart

Trip 2

Sunday 9th July - arrive at Thatch Cottage

Fishing - Mon 10th, Tues 11th, Weds 12th, Thurs 13th

Friday 14th July - depart