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Fantastic new tackle shop opening up right in the middle of prime Irish bass fishing country

I am absolutely over the moon to be able to tell you that a good friend of mine is opening up a brand new fishing tackle shop in Tramore on the south coast of Ireland - have a look at a map of southern Ireland and you will see that Tramore happens to lie right in the heartland of some of the finest bass fishing in Europe (see here). Anybody who has the guts and determination to make this kind of thing happen gets my respect in a huge way - I have fished a lot with Cian O'Halloran over the last few years, and you would be hard pressed to find a more passionate and driven all round fishing nut. I can not tell you how pleased I am that Cian has decided to follow his dreams and open up a new fishing tackle shop - and it opens this Saturday, 12th June.

Photo courtesy Cian O'Halloran

This new tackle shop is called "Absolute Fishing" as you can see in Cian's photo above - the telephone number from within Ireland is 051 393559, and from the UK it is 00 353 51 393559. You can also email the guys here, and there will be a website up and running in due course. I know that they will be stocking a huge range of fishing gear, with a special emphasis on bass fishing. Yes, Cian is a serious bass fishing nut - do me a favour.........if you do drop in there, ask for Cian and then say the words "MegaBass Zonk 120 Gataride" - now watch his eyes roll around and go all funny.........

The numbers of good bass these guys catch over there throughout the year can sometimes verge on the insane, and Absolute Fishing could not be better placed. Us lot will be staying close to Tramore when we head over there for the last week of June. It is going to take a great deal of self-control to come away from this new shop without giving my card too much abuse............you know me, I don't have the slightest bit of a problem with shiny bass fishing gear !! PMA - Positive Mental Attitude. Keep telling myself over and over again that I really do have great self-control around good fishing gear.

Photo courtesy Cian O'Halloran

As well as stocking a lot of "regular" fishing gear, on the bass fishing side of things they will be stocking a big number of brands such as MegaBass, IMA, Sakura, DUO, Sebile, Tackle House, Lucky Craft, Tenyru, Xorus, Lunker City, Delalande, Shimano etc. Cian is one of those guys who knows all about what works for their "local" fish (because he is an absolute fishing junkie himself), and I know he is very seriously into making sure that anglers who buy from him come away with the right gear for them and their fishing, plus with all the advice he can give. I am going to make the guy blush a bit, but I mean it when I say that Cian is just a blast to fish with and spend time around - he has also very recently got married to Amy, so I want to wish them both the best of luck with everything. Please do drop in if you are anywhere near to Tramore on your fishing travels, or make time to speak to the guys about the gear they are stocking, and also the awesome fishing along the south coast of Ireland. It must be some feeling to live and work with some of the best bass fishing there is right on your doorstep..........talk about a perfect place to go and "test" gear !!

The man knows a thing or two about the fishing over there - above is a shot from a few years ago of Cian with a 9lb plus bass he smashed one morning in a lumpy early autumn sea. I know a bit about what it takes to make a go of working within the world of fishing, so people who really go for it in the right way have my respect and admiration. I can't wait to see the new shop myself in a few weeks. The full address is Absolute Fishing Limited, Unit B, Site 2, Riverstown Business Park, Riverstown, Tramore, Co. Waterford, Ireland.