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Fantastic place to stay right in the middle of Ireland's bass heaven

When I was in Ireland the other day, Andy and I stayed in the most fantastic house in Fethard on Sea (Wexford). To anybody with any interest in accessing the best shore fishing for bass that I am aware of, you could not be more central to it all if you tried. I know that lots of anglers head over to Ireland for the shore fishing, so if the hugely productive south east corner floats your boat (and it should), I can really recommend where we stayed - it is called Grangecourt Holiday Homes, and there are a bunch of really nice houses there that are available to rent all year round. Check out their website here. I can see myself staying here again and again, for these houses give me all that I need, and a lot of the best bass fishing is all within ten minutes from the front door.

The houses sleep up to five people, and they have everything you could possibly need for a fishing trip or a holiday, indeed I want to try and take my family over there for a while next summer. Five anglers sharing the cost means renting a house becomes very cheap, especially outside of the prime summer months when the bass fishing is at its best anyway. Hope to see you over there. More details on the houses can be found here.

The ultimate savagery - check out the new masterpiece from the Polish metal gods Behemoth. Called "Evangelion", this is one brutal piece of music, and it gets right inside your skull from the first note. Behemoth is one of the top death metal bands there is, and this particular album is just outstanding. Check out a few tracks here. I am going to really enjoy listening to this at full blast on my iPod as I fly from London to Moscow and then Mongolia this Sunday. A CD like this needs to be discovered and enjoyed when you have some time to yourself, for there is so much going on that it only really begins to open up after multiple spins. Awesome metal.