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Is there a link between seriously bad weather and Guinness?

I don’t drink so I am merely an observer here, but out here in Ireland we have been on the end of a few days of truly dreadful weather - the sort of weather that winter would be proud of - and I have noticed an interesting correlation between when the weather just gets that bit too much and retreating to the pub to partake of a bit of Guinness which every single person who comes to Ireland tells me with joy in their eyes is way better than the Guinness they serve in the UK.

We made firm plans to go out bass fishing on the last night of our first group’s trip, but we went down to the beach where we had been getting a few and it was as good as unfishable. The wind’s seriously picking up, the sea is mildly alarming, but at least it’s not raining. No worries, this is Kerry, John knows every single nook and cranny, and off we went to find a bit of shelter. So we’re heading out there, I am driving behind John, but now it’s blowing at least a constant force 8 and the driving rain is doing that horizontal thing straight across the windscreen. We pull up at the mark, but John doesn’t turn his car off so I pull in alongside - there is dissent in the ranks! An executive decision has been made to give fishing in this truly horrendous weather a bit of a miss and retreat to the well known Rosie’s pub and see whether the stories about Guinness in Ireland really were true. I nurse my really exciting orange juice and wonder if I should think about taking up drinking again……….

Now I seriously feel for our second group who have so far been desperately unlucky to have their first two days essentially ruined by a perfect summer storm of serious wind and silly amounts of rain. We have tried our hearts out but almost everywhere we have fished has been in bad condition via the winds and rain water pouring into the bay via the rivers and streams. It’s looking a lot better out there today, but yesterday afternoon the executive decision was made to retreat to Rosie’s for a while, and yes, sample their Guinness which I am told is about as good as it gets, even in Ireland. Bear in mind that when the decision was made to retreat, we have been trying our hearts out for hours in some of the worst rain you can imagine, combined with a howling bit of breeze that of course drives that rain in and finds the gaps in your waterproof clothing (this new Vision Kust wading jacket I have been trying out for a while now is doing really well, but yet another pair of wading boots I have also been trying are on the way out). Credit to the guys for going at it as long as they did to be honest. Slapping on the suncream the other day out here feels like many moons ago, but the weather changes fast round here and conditions are starting to look rather interesting. Summer eh?