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Feeding big tarpon

OK, I bet every single angler new to the Keys stops at Robbie's marina to gawp at the tarpon hanging around the docks, so I could hardly deprive the lads of this. Not that I didn't want to see such impressive fish up close again. Who wouldn't ? Hugely impressive. Tarpon are up there as one of the great sporting saltwater species on earth. Here is Nick Roberts of BassLures.co.uk doing his best to keep his shaking hand plus food there as a rather large tarpon comes a calling......

We got to Rodney yesterday afternoon, went off and bought our licences, and then a short but pretty brutal storm came in for a while. So by now you can guess that the four of us are rather buzzing at heading out fishing this morning - if the weather out there is ok the plan is to have go at some amberjack on a wreck about eight miles out, and then come in closer and cast some crabs at a few permit. I so badly want to see Nick, Cian and Paul into some of these fish. Let the mayhem ensue.

How's the weather back home ? Very hot out here, in fact it's more like early summer stuff than spring time, but that suits me just fine. Love it. Just about to slap on the sunscreen, get my cameras together, have some brekkie, and then we are off. The excitement levels are close to boiling over. Everybody waking up at silly o'clock with the time difference (you are five hours ahead of us in the UK), but with how early you need to head out for the tarpon, it actually helps to almost stay on UK time and then it makes getting up at about 3am here a whole lot easier. Bring it on as they say. More to come.....