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Find the clean water, find the bass.........

Crumbs, when fishing kicks you it tends to kick you hard !! If bass fishing here along the Copper Coast was dependant purely on the wind and wind directions then this week would be banging, but of course we are also beholden unto what has gone before - and those serious winds we had at home a little while back over here was the worst June storm for over 100 years. The result ? The most insane amount of weed around you could possibly imagine, together with a lot of very mucky water. About as tough as it gets, but we have been charging around all over the place on the hunt for water with a better degree of clarity - and when you find decent water we are finding a few bass.

The Copper Coast is so good for bass fishing partly because there is lots and lots of shallow rough ground, but of course on the flipside, shallow water blows out fast in bad weather. Even many of the backup marks are in a bad state as well, but I would imagine that the next set of big springs will help to wash the weed away and restore some balance to this fishery - there are bass around, but it's very, very hard to find decent fishable water. I get the sense that when the water shapes up the fishing is going to go seriously loopy.

Look at the weather conditions in these photos and get a sense of why it is so frustrating - wind directions, strengths and sea states that you dream about for fishing around here, but preferably without all that filthy water to go with it please. Still, it's always a huge thrill being here and fishing/photographing with the lads. Ger suggested a move early this morning for example and he was spot on - decent water, and almost straight away we were banging a few fish out. Nothing of any serious size was landed, but a couple of the guys were done on the rocks by some tidy fish. Sorry for the lack of blog posts, but we have been out and about for long hours with very little downtime to get words and photos together. More to come in due course...........

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