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First "bump it along the bottom" go with this new Fiiish Crazy Sandeel

Nope, this is not a tail about a double figure bass jumping on the hook when I first whacked out the the new Fiiish Crazy Sandeel and then fished it with a kind of fast sink and draw along the bottom in a good current - but that would have been nice of course!! I did get a bit of a shock though.........

The alarm went at 2.30am this morning and Steve and I were fishing by 3.30am in an estuary with a decent run of current. Steve caught four bass on the Savage Gear Sandeel while I never had a sniff on the Black Minnow - why? Well I trust the lure implicitly, but it was interesting to note how because of the non-weedless nature of the SGS that Steve was having to fish it that bit faster on the sink and draw to try and avoid snagging up - while I was able to bump that Black Minnow nice and slowly down the current. Was it the lure or was it that Steve was simply fishing better than I was? Well that's fishing in a nutshell is it not? We will never know, but Steve can smash bass big time. This particular spot does tend to throw up a number of fish to the local guys who I know do use the SGS a lot, and Sean above had this one around the 4 or 5lb mark this morning on that lure.

Come about half tide back and it had been quiet for a while, so Steve and I grabbed a breakfast roll in Dungarvan and headed out to fish the bay on the last of the ebb. Now this is Black Minnow country, and sure enough Steve soon landed a bass that hit the lure very close in. Me? Well I was essentially catching squat, and catching squat in my book is the time to have a bit of a think and perhaps try something a little different. On goes one of these new Crazy Sandeels, the 150mm/10g Shore Head model, the only one I have so it would have to do.

Well it casts pretty well, in fact I was pretty surprised at how well it went out there - distance is by no means everything on this spot, but if you whack it out and then snap the bale arm back over, it then makes the lure sink back towards you and into the "gutter" for want of a better word. It all felt pretty good, as in I could bump it up and down back towards me, but of course I had never actually seen the action on the lure while I fished it like this.

You know when you almost try and peer over your rod tip at how your lure looks in the water? Well this is what I did on that first cast - the Crazy Sandeel was nearly under my rod tip before I could actually see it, and it was looking pretty damn impressive as I was hopping it up and down - and as the lure hit the bottom once more literally right below my rod tip, a bass about 6lbs suddenly charges in and seems intent on nailing it, before suddenly turning away and rushing back into the depths. I must assume the bass saw big old me peering into the water as best I could, but crumbs I nearly dropped the rod in shock at seeing that fish come in at me. I can't promise you that I didn't drop the odd expletive as well, and although I didn't go and hook that fish up, it doesn't half give me a big jolt of confidence to give that Fiiish Crazy Sandeel another go when we are next bumping soft plastics down a current out here.

To be honest though we have been doing what we can in some very bright and calm conditions - it's utterly fantastic to be back out here again, and while the weather is like this we will be out at night and very early in the morning. Best go get ready. More to come..............

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