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Fish to tip you over the edge....

We had great fun yesterday, but as is typical with early season mullet fishing, they are either starving hungry and nail anything, or they do the "mullet thing" and proceed to play with your head all day long. Larks and I saw plenty of fish moving around, and at times we had some nice mullet gently nibbling our ledgered and surface fished bread baits, but the only fish actually caught was a small one - by Larks of course (photo above). I'll use the "taking photos" excuse for getting skunked !!

The first spot we fished was freezing cold, with a brisk east wind running off our left shoulders, but the moment there was a lull in the breeze, we could see a few mullet nudging bits of surface bread. Nothing beats visual fishing, and mullet are our major chance to do this in UK sea fishing - just seeing fish always gets the pulse going.

The second spot we moved to was much more sheltered, and the sun even came out for a bit. The water was crystal clear and I am sure the fish could see Larks and I a mile away, but we had a few nice bites. Mullet fishing is unlike anything else, but I love it. Few fish in our seas put up such a scrap, and the fact that we can fish with what is essentially coarse fishing tackle makes them a real blast to target.

So all in all, a tough day, but I got a few nice photos. Larks is the best mullet angler I have ever had the pleasure of fishing with, indeed he has so much knowledge in his head that he has forgotten more than I will ever know. He is a particularly gifted angler and can catch virtually anything he puts his mind to. Take the current British shore caught conger eel record, a fish he deliberately went after, and eventually nailed.

Check out a great new blog, over at Aardvark McLeod, click here to have a look. I reckon this well develop into an invaluable way to keep up to date with what is going on with fly fishing all over the world, and I can wholeheartedly recommend speaking to Pete or Charlotte about your next fly fishing trip.

And on the music front, I have a couple of awesome new releases to tell you about from the extreme metal world - one of my all time favourite thrash metal bands have fairly recently got back together and their new CD is awesome. Check out "Killing Season" by Death Angel, you can listen to some tracks here. One of their old albums, "Act III", has always been close to the top of my list of thrash metal greats. Their comeback CD "The Art of Dying" was very good as well, but the new one is a whole leap better. I am pretty sure that Death Angel were one of the first ever bands that I ever saw live, when they were supporting Motorhead a long time ago at the Hammersmith Odeon - am I getting older or does everything seem like a long time ago now ?

Check out the new CD from Meshuggah, the masters of off-time, head-spin metal - these guys are technical wizards, and the new album "Obzen" is one that gets in your head and grows over time. Give it multiple spins and it will start to open up and reveal itself. Check out some tracks here.

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