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Fishing book review

I have received the two books I ordered the other day, and one of them is very special indeed - if you are into stunning fly fishing photography and coffee table style books, then you need to check out Fly Fishing in Idaho. I had no idea that this part of the US was so beautiful, and the photographer has done a fantastic job of capturing the many moods of an area and its fly fishing throughout the year. This kind of book simply inspires one, both to look for better photos each and every time you go out, and also to head over to Idaho to check the place out. Another destination is now on my list of "must visit" !! You can click here to buy the book in the UK - it is not expensive at all and you owe it to yourself to add this to your collection. Fly fishing done properly can be breathtaking. R. Randolph Ashton is the guy who photographed this splendid book and you can check out more of his work here. I seriously admire quality fishing photography, for there is far too much rubbish out there. This guy is the real deal - below is the cover of his book.

I have been playing around recently with various pieces of software that I want to look at incorporating into my working life, and from that I have set up a web gallery of some of my current favourite fly fishing photos from around the world. I know that there are stacks of photos all over my website, but with this web gallery I wanted to give you the opportunity to spend a bit more time looking at larger versions of some of them. You can click here to access this web gallery - I hope you enjoy it, and any comments are more than welcome. I am also going to put a link to the gallery over on the links section.

Scroll through this web gallery to see fishing photographs from around the world. And after seeing this new book, in due course I am going to get myself over to Idaho. I need more time.......

Hopefully this gallery software will enable me to quickly upload my best photos from various trips for people to look at, and then in due course I will obviously update the fishing pictures and photo essays parts of my website.

I will work on setting up a web gallery as soon as I can after I get back from Argentina. I head out there at the end of next week. Photos and trip reports will be found on this blog in due course.

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