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Fishing clothing - where do we go ?

What's the thing you notice most about these two anglers in the photos ? OK, they're both wearing red tops, but that aside, do you see anything else ? Neither of them are wearing "regular" fishing clothing. Nothing revolutionary to those of you who already have one foot in the technical outdoor clothing market via activities like skiing, trekking, climbing etc., I accept that, but the whole idea of looking for clothing outside of the more traditional fishing market is really beginning to appeal to me more and more.The old brain is whirring away........

The easy thing for a keen bass angler to do is to simply go and poach clothing from the fly fishing market, as indeed lots of us have been doing for ages now, but the more I look into it and the more I think about it, why should those of us who love our mobile bass fishing be only looking at fly gear ? Breathable waders and wading boots aside, who says that fly gear is the best stuff we can get our hands on for our fishing ? A few friends of mine are really into the whole "technical clothing" thing, and it is really starting to set light bulbs off in my head - just because we go fishing does not have to mean we have to wear fishing clothing does it ? There is some great value for money waterproof clothing in the sea and fly fishing market places, but how well suited is it to potentially walking miles and miles over all kinds of ground, or for packing away in a small rucksack to use when required ? Part of the joy of going lure fishing for bass is being able to cut the gear right back, and it makes sense that one's clothing fits the same bill. Strikes me that there is a lot of this "technical clothing" out there that we might start looking at in whole different light for fishing - check out my mate Andy's blog post here for some fantastic reviews and thoughts on a few technical outer shells (waterproof tops to you and me). This is the kind of stuff I am on about for starters.

I have recently got to thinking a lot about the different layers and clothing systems that we could be wearing for something like bass fishing. Whether it be proper technical base layers to wear under your waders or a variety of layers to put on top - anything I can do to cut down on the amount of clothing I need to wear and the stuff that I need to carry to go fishing is going to get my attention in the near future. Anything that makes it easier and more efficient for me to move around and enjoy my fishing even more deserves my attention. Of course there is some great fishing clothing about that does really well for all kinds of anglers, but there is no getting away from the fact that a lot of it is somewhat behind the times if that makes sense. Sure, a lot of this modern "technical clothing" is hardly that cheap, but some of this stuff is just so advanced it staggers me. How well will some of it translate over to fishing ? Only time will tell.......

I might be talking mainly about clothing to look at wearing for bass fishing (mainly because I have got it so bad it's untrue), but whatever you do, thinking out of the box is vital. I am guilty of asking far too many questions, but that is because I am genuinely interested in learning all the time and increasing my knowledge base. Some people might be happy to sit there and accept that everything in life is as it should be. But not me. Rightly or wrongly, I am always thinking about stuff that could be done better, but am I close to getting it all right ? Not a chance. But I will keep on trying because it's who I am.

The first great metal album of the year - sometimes you stumble on a CD that just completely blows you away from the first listen, and while it was very obvious how good "Kold" was from the off, it's only after repeated spins that I am really starting to appreciate what the Icelandic band Solstafir have produced. I can't really describe what sort of metal genre it sits in, but parts of it sound like a metal version of The Cure if that makes any sense at all. It's chock full of different moods, speeds and emotions. Sit back and let this one wash over you and I guarantee that you will never think of Iceland in the same light again - good though it is for fishing. Solstafir are utterly immense - listen to a few tracks here, and there is a good review of the album here.

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