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Fishing is so much about problem solving....

Take a situation like you see above - a somewhat lively sea state, rocks everywhere, and a very serious need to keep one eye on the waves at all times. You want to fish it, indeed your right arm is getting all twitchy because you feel so sure there has to be a decent bass or pollack somewhere around. But it's not at all easy to effectively go about lure fishing a situation like this. A problem has arisen, in that you need to work out how to fish it effectively to be in with a shout. The solving of this kind of problem or situation is a huge part of going fishing is it not ?

I've fished and photographed with all kinds of people over many years now, and the fishermen I most admire are those who look at the situation, weigh it all up, and then work on solving "the problem". All manner of different aspects come into confronting a problem and getting through it so that you are in with the best chance at some fish - anything from watercraft through to lure or bait selection to different states of the tide etc.

There's no getting away from my lure problem, so I won't try, but a lot of this research I do for my work revolves around my fascination with always believing that there might well be a better solution to the problem or situation. On the flip side I might well already have the perfect solution sitting in my lure box, but my head is a busy thing that churns round and round all the time, thinking and looking for another potential solution. As I said the other day, it's all about learning all the time, and the successful anglers I know and work with are guys who are learning constantly. Standing still is never going to get us anywhere in life or fishing.

The essential question - which lure should I use for this given situation ? I am really working hard to better understand when to use what and why, both for my own interest, my own fishing, and also so that I can keep on developing my writing about all kinds of fishing. All I can do is work my socks off and hope that I am always improving what I do.

I think it is absolutely fantastic that somebody takes the time and makes the effort to publish such a detailed bass fishing resource as this e-book you can find here. Jim Hendrick is a full time professional bass guide who lives and works along the Wexford coastline over in south east Ireland (see his blog here). Anybody who has been in the business as long as Jim knows their stuff in a serious way, and he's gone and put together an online book that contains a wealth of information that anybody with any interest in bass fishing would do well to absorb. The fact that Jim has done this is a huge credit to the guy and I take my hat off to the man for putting this kind of thing out in the public domain.