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Fishing mum of the year award?

I'm not going to embarrass her by naming the lady I am talking about here, but if there was an award for the fishing mum of the year then I reckon this mum would be walking away with the cup - and she doesn't even fish. The future of fishing is the younger generations coming through, and as we all know, fishing needs more youngsters coming into the sport to help drive it forward - but transport to and from fishing can of course be a problem for younger anglers who can't drive yet................

So bring in this mum - she is the mother of a Cork based angler called Darragh McCarthy (17 years old I believe) who won the junior section of the Irish Bass Festival last year and came second this year. I have met the lad a few times and he's one serious angler with a major addiction for lure fishing for bass - he was telling me about how he lost a potentially winning fish over the weekend when he went to grab the leader right at the edge of the beach and the line snapped. I was gutted for him, but this lad is going to catch plenty of big bass for many years to come if he keeps at it. You can tell when somebody's "got" fishing, and this guy has got it in spades.

But it's his mum who deserves a huge amount of praise and credit here as well - over the three days of the festival she drove her son around the south coast of Ireland on the hunt for fish, but it doesn't stop there. Nope, this mum went so many extra miles for her lad's obsession that she has my utmost respect. No going home in between sessions for this duo - while Darragh fished away into the night, mum would curl up on the rocks or the beach in her sleeping bag. Talk about dedication to the cause - that cause of course being her son Darragh and his passion for fishing. She does this kind of stuff all the time.

I believe that Darragh did most of his fishing over the three days up and around the Copper Coast, but his mum even agreed to run him back to his home patch around Cork for a few hours to see if he could smash a fish or two extra. She gets him back to Absolute Fishing in Tramore in time to register his fish on the Sunday afternoon and then turns up at the evening do looking fresh as a daisy after what I would imagine was not a whole lot of sleep over the past few nights. Mum of Darragh, you are awesome and you have my total respect.

Darragh, if you read my blog and read this post, then please do me a favour and go throw your arms around your mum, tell her how awesome you think she is and thank her profusely. I know that when I was a teenager I took my parents and their time for me for granted and I am not remotely proud of it. I remember essentially assuming that one or both of my parents would turn up to my endless rugby and cricket matches at boarding school, without me ever really realising how hard this was to actually do with. I suppose it's not until you become a parent yourself that you realise how much of yourself and your energy you are determined to invest in your offspring. Here's to our folks....................